Apartments for sale in Collioure South of France – all you need to know
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Apartments for sale in Collioure South of France – all you need to know

30 mai 2019
apartment for sale in  Collioure, a new article presented by your favorite real estate agency: Paradise Collioure International Real Estate. You have in mind to find an apartment for sale Collioure? We understand you! Nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees, this small Catalan fishing port has retained the authenticity that has made its international reputation. Served by a heritage, a unique history, a landscape and an exceptional palette of colors, the small flagship city of the Pyrenees Orientales attracts visitors from all over the world all year round. Go search now for your accommodation in one of the most magical places of the South of France between sea and mountains ... Collioure a favorite destination to buy your French property and apartment There are places where the generosity of nature and the toil of men create magical places. Collioure is indisputably part of these rare pearls. This small port of the Côte Vermeille located near the Spanish border borders a beautiful rounded bay. Fishermen and military engineers have made the most of this place to build a beautiful fortified maritime city. To find an apartment for sale in Collioure is to immerse yourself in what Côte Vermeille has to offer. Sky blue, turquoise sea, brown rocks, ocher facades and green pines combine to offer an exceptional color palette. In a century, Collioure has become a popular international destination. It is jostling all year to discover its small port, its narrow streets, its fortresses and its unique atmosphere. A favorite destination for anyone who dreams of having a pied-à-terre or, failing that, to be able to spend a nice holiday discovery. Celebrated by the artists By its beauty, Collioure was destined to know celebrity. This one intervenes in 1905 with the arrival of Henri Matisse and André Derain, two masters of Fauvism. They will then make this small fishing port dedicated to anchovy a destination run by all the great painters of the twentieth century and all high society. Find an apartment for sale in Collioure  France If the prices per sqm in Collioure are necessarily pulled up by the reputation of the city, the latter also generates an exceptional seasonal rental income. Collioure is one of the few destinations that attracts all year! With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the small Catalan port enjoys a pleasant climate and brightness. By buying an apartment in Collioure, the happy owner has not only a place to enjoy his holidays or his retirement, but a profitable investment with the possible rental of his property to the many tourists always looking for a accommodation. Our real estate agency specializes in sales of apartments on Collioure, offers you all year round a choice of property to acquire whether for a principal residence, for an investment in stone or to spend your holidays in one of the corners. most popular in the Mediterranean Sea. Although the market is limited, you can buy on collioure all types of apartments, often in fisherman's house, studios, two or three-room apartments. Type 4 apartments are quite rare by the sea and in the heart of old Collioure and if this is your search it is better to buy a house. The collioure market for an apartment for sale Collioure Unquestionably, the 2 bedroom sea view apartment with terrace or balcony is at the top of the list of properties asked per Collioure property buyers, however the one bedroom flat can be rented without any difficulty. The authenticity and inimitable character of the apartments of the historic center are highly acclaimed by French and foreign buyers with big budget. They will nevertheless have to wait and be very reactive on this micro-market. The offers are rare and it's about knowing how to seize them. Composed of old and humble fishermen's houses, the habitat rarely offers the expected exterior but it compensates for this absence by an exceptional seal. It feels like you travel back in time every time you change rooms! As always, the further you get from the harbor and the beaches, the more the offer increases, becomes more diversified and becomes a reasonable price. A 15- or 20-minutes walk from the city center, the outlying areas of Collioure offer newer apartments with garage or parking space. Ideal to keep your vehicle at your fingertips, especially if you intend to enjoy Collioure and all the Albères region. With your foot on the ground on Collioure, between sea and mountain, in the middle of the vineyard of the vermeille coast, you will have the impression of being in the middle of the Catalan lands of the hinterland while your apartment will be located by the sea, it is also there that lies all the magic of Collioure. Be accompanied, find the best apartment for sale Collioure, feel free to browse our Collioure property web site : As you can see, the real estate market in Collioure is complicated. The offer of apartments is rare and demand is very strong throughout the year. Property that snaps up at a golden price: count from 3 500 to 10 000 € per m²! SO what is the Plan B ? Be accompanied by a real estate agent who will, thanks to its local presence and expertise in the local real estate market, find the rare pearl! Contact us and give us the budget you want to spend on the purchase of your apartment, we will guide you through the neighborhoods of the village in search of a property corresponding to you, the apartment of your dreams and according to your criteria we will direct you to the most suitable offer both in quality and price M². Find an apartment for sale Collioure is not improvised and always requires a little patience. Nevertheless, the successful transaction will provide you with a wonderful and particularly profitable pied-à-terre. With a seasonal rental period three times higher than in neighboring villages, Collioure is the must-see destination for sophisticated investors in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Let our agency guide you and make you a happy colliourenc owner!

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