Building permits in 2022: Changes to know

Building permits in 2022: Changes to know

09 March 2022

Construction or renovation, do you want to apply for a building permit in 2022 ? Established in 1943, this administrative authorization underwent several major changes on January 1 , 2022. Always alongside your real estate projects, Paradise Real Estate comes back to these developments to make the process easier for you.

Change of building permit 2022: Dematerialization

Individuals can now file their application online. Municipalities with more than 3,500 inhabitants must be able to ensure its dematerialized instruction . The application is submitted via a public service portal: ADAU (Assistance Demande des Autorisations d'Urbanisme). This tool is linked to a platform developed by the State: PLAT'AU (Platform for Urban Planning Authorizations). The latter allows all the actors concerned by the same file to have access to it simultaneously and in a completely dematerialized way. The parts of the building permit are consolidated there in this shared space. Do you want to file your permit online? Click here .

Another change: The 2012 thermal regulations are over!

The 2020 Environmental Regulations now replace the 2012 Thermal Regulations. Individual houses or collective housing, building permits must comply with this more demanding standard. This one aims indeed at :

  • reduce thecarbon footprint of buildings by 30%;
  • give preference to biosourced materials;
  • increase their comfort for the occupants.

Good to know The entry into force of the RE 2020 should lead to a 6 to 8% increase in construction costs!

Development tax adjustment

Local tax, the development tax applies to constructions, reconstructions and extensions as soon as the operation is subject to administrative authorization (building permit or prior request). It is collected for the benefit of the region, the department and the municipality. It is calculated according to the formula :

Taxable area of the construction x Standard value x Rate .

  • The taxable surface: sum of the closed and covered floor surfaces with a ceiling height higher than 1.80 meters. (Vacuums and openings of stairs or elevators are excluded).
  • The flat rate value: 929 €/m² in Île-de-France and 820 €/m² in the rest of France;
  • The rate: it is determined by the local authorities.

A public service dedicated to renovation

Are you applying for a building permit for renovation ? The State has created a public service entirely dedicated to this type of operation. France Rénov' accompanies your project from A to Z, with advice for:

  • submit your planning permission;
  • obtain state aid for the energy transition.

Live your renovation with peace of mind!

Do you need details? Real estate specialist, your Real Estate Paradise agent puts his expertise at your service. Do not hesitate to contact us ! We will take the time to analyze it to provide you with an answer that is as precise as possible.

Click here if you wish to make a real estate purchase collioure .


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