houses for sale argeles sur mer 66700

houses for sale argeles sur mer 66700

13 December 2021

Find the home of your dreams  at Argeles-sur-Mer 66700, in the Pyrénées-Orientales  in the heart  of the French Catalan Country ...

Houses for sale in argeles sur mer, news live from Los Argeles Beach France You dream of a pretty house between the sea,  sandy beach and mountains  ? Argelès-sur-Mer offers you an exceptional living environment at the foot of the Albères and on the shores of the Mediterranean as well as a wide variety of products to buy to spend your holidays there or as main accommodation: village houses, bourgeois properties, pavilion holiday homes, country farmhouses, luxury properties or contemporary villas. Something to delight all aspirations and all budgets  ! Small anthology of the different types of houses for sale on the famous  seaside resort  Catalan: Argelès-sur-Mer. 

The village houses of Argelès-sur-Mer

Leaning against each other, they constitute the traditional Argelésien habitat. Built on 1 or 2  floors, sometimes with a roof terrace, a courtyard or even a garage, their ocher facades dominate the streets and squares where life is good. An acquisition between 100  000 and 150  000  €, see more, depending on the level of renovation to be carried out which offers all the advantages of the city center  : entertainment all year round and shops nearby. Some larger or offering an extraordinary view of the mountains cost a little more. Properties in which to live all year round or during vacations that can also be rented out year round as well as on a seasonal basis. Find on our specialized website all the small real estate ads for traditional townhouses, in Cayrou stone and brick in the Argelés region, with all the charm and character of old medieval buildings,  antique homes that you can buy right in the heart of the village today with just one click!  

Waterfront houses in Argelès-sur-Mer

Argelès is also a magnificent beach nicknamed "Los Argeles Beach", and districts facing the sea under the pines. The beautiful society of the thirties knew how to appreciate this seaside and bequeathed us superb middle-class houses right on the water, properties of character on streets lined with palm trees and pines. Very popular, the Allée du Racou concentrates the finest in this real estate sector in the Pyrenees Orientales. Prestigious properties available from 500  000  € and up to 2  millions of euros. Still in the section of houses for sale in argeles sur mer, you will find just after the port the famous fisherman's houses on the beach of Racou, a whole story, the Racou is unique, the atmosphere is unique, but find a house to buy with your feet in the sand with a view of the sea is a real obstacle course, real estate agencies in the area are fighting over them for dwellings by the sea and the happy owners prefer to keep them. It is said that the transmission of such real estate heritage is done only from generation to generation ...  

houses for sale in argeles sur mer: Holiday pavilions

Your budget remains modest but you would like to buy a small lodge on the coast to spend your holidays, rent it in season or why not spend your old days there  ? A completely conceivable project in Argelès-sur-Mer. The village and its region offer you pretty holiday lodges between 100  000 and 150  000  €. This is often how we start to fall in love with our beautiful seaside resort in Pyrénées Orientales. We buy a small holiday home there, in a private residence with a tennis court and a swimming pool, we spend wonderful moments on the terrace and in the garden with friends around a good bottle of the local vineyard, and then, we want a larger house with more beds, more m² of living space, additional bedrooms to accommodate friends or family, a large garage, a landscaped garden or a vegetable garden ... And quite naturally, we leave  looking on the internet  and in real estate agencies of houses for sale argeles sur mer ....  

Mediterranean or Catalan villas: houses for sale in Argeles sur mer

Certainly the most varied sector  : an average price around 350  000  €, from the recent villa in subdivision to 250  000  € to that of exception to high-end services at 700  000  €. In all cases, it is the assurance of having a well-insulated and well-equipped habitat. In town, by the sea, on the heights or in the countryside, a great diversity of environment and atmosphere suitable to appeal to all profiles. Ideally placed for a pleasant retirement, the villas of the Port district are negotiated between 450  000 and 750  000  €. All the advantages of a private villa close to the city center. On the heights with breathtaking views of the Albères, superb villas of 500  000 to 1 million euros offer an exceptional environment.Whether it is to live in the village as a main residence, or to make Argelès sur mer your favorite holiday resort under the sun of the south of France, you will always find "lock to your door". key "as they say in the real estate language of the country. Visit our website and the page of houses for sale not far from the seafront to find the property you need in our listings of houses for sale in argeles sur mer.  
Good to know  : Getting to Argelès-sur Mer By highway  : A9 / E15. Take exit 42, D900 then D914 to destination. By train  : TGV then TER during the day and direct night intercity from Paris-Austerlitz. Airplane  : nearest airport (Perpignan) then car rental.   Learn about the real estate market in Argelès sur mer: Real estate agencies  :  know everything, find the right real estate agency to buy your home in the town
Argelesian local blog   :  find an interesting article  on houses for sale argeles sur mer   Spared by concrete, Argelès-sur-Mer offers all the advantages of the Mediterranean coast  and the south of France, without its classic drawbacks. The very reasonable price per m² for the coast allows you to consider buying a house whatever your budget. A preferred destination for a pleasant life in the sun without breaking the bank  !   Example of a villa for sale not far from the port in Argeles sur mer  for a budget of € 369,000 

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