How much does an ECD cost to sell a house?

How much does an ECD cost to sell a house?

04 January 2023
How much does an ECD cost to sell a house? Paradise Real Estate

The French housing stock includes nearly 4.8 million energy slums, which are subject to provisions aimed at making an energy audit mandatory.

The diagnosis of energy performance or DPE is mandatory since 2006 for the sale of a property, and 2007 for rental. Read our article on this subject: Can you sell a house without a diagnosis?

It is valid for 10 years if it was made after July 1, 2021. The latter must be performed by a professional whose skills are certified.

This diagnosis provides information on the energy consumption of a property, and on greenhouse gas emissions. In July 2021, a new version with a batch of new measures was released. The energy performance diagnosis also includes recommendations for work to be done to increase energy performance.

What is the energy performance diagnosis?

The ECD must contain the following information:

  • The rating of the accommodation from A to G
  • Recommendations to control energy consumption
  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions consumed or estimated
  • The characteristics of the housing
  • The description of the equipment of the property

In order to calculate energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions, the certified diagnostician takes into account five daily uses such as air conditioning, lighting and auxiliaries, hot water and heating.

All dwellings are concerned by the DPE except those intended for an occupation lower than 4 months per year.

The diagnosis is evaluated according to several grades, from the most economical to the most energy-intensive (A to G).

What is the purpose of the POE?

Just like price, surface area or location, the energy performance diagnosis has become a criterion of choice for any buyer or tenant.

The main objective of this diagnosis is to inform future buyers or tenants about the energy value of the property.

The government with the Élan law and the energy climate law aims to further sanction thermal flats.

Since January 2021, landlords of housing classified as F or G in tense areas are no longer allowed to increase the rent.

A ECD classified property makes it possible to better value a property by making it more energy efficient. Improving the energy rating of a home can increase its value on the real estate market.

The energy performance diagnosis is different from other diagnoses that must be legally presented at the signing of a contract. If you wish to publish an ad, the ECD note is necessary to validate and diffuse your ad.

How much does an ECD cost?

The task of having an energy audit done is the responsibility of the homeowners. In order for your DPE to be legally recognized, you must use a professional who has been accredited by the French Accreditation Committee.

For the realization of an energy performance diagnosis, the price will depend on criteria such as :

  • The surface of the property to be diagnosed
  • The heating system of the property
  • The location of the property

The rate for the realization of a DPE is not regulated, the costs are thus variable. For an apartment such as a studio, the average cost is just under 100 €.

A 5-room apartment costs an average of 120 €, and for a large house about 130 €.

It is advisable to request quotes in order to compare rates. However, be careful, a low price is not often a guarantee of quality.

Can I have an ECD done for free?

The realization of a free ECD is possible, but it will not have any legal value. A diagnosis established by you will have an informative value insofar as it is not a certified professional who will have carried it out.

You have the option of carrying out this diagnosis using the method approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, or by using the consumption data of the dwelling or building collected over the last three years. These methods are approximate, because the result will depend on the consumption habits of the occupants of the dwelling in question.

The realization of a DPE is relatively technical, the certified professionals use software to extract precise data.

Diagnosticians must :

  • Have COFRAC certification
  • Have a professional liability insurance
  • Not be related to the clients

Find the directory of certified real estate diagnosticians on the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity. Note that the diagnostician is legally obliged to give you a certificate on honor guaranteeing the respect of the points of notation.

The interest of carrying out a diagnosis can be useful in the event of a real estate transaction. Moreover, there is a real interest when you want to prepare a renovation project. The DPE will allow you to target the most decisive points in order to improve the energy performance of your property.


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