Our advice before buying a property with a swimming pool on the Côte Vermeille

Our advice before buying a property with a swimming pool on the Côte Vermeille

13 December 2021

Our advice before buying a property with a swimming pool on the Côte Vermeille

Primary or secondary residence, you are looking for a property on the Côte Vermeille . Your preference is for a house with a swimming pool. Today, the Côte Vermeille agency explains the criteria for assessing the latter. Swimming pool: everything you need to observe, verify or ask your real estate agent!


Rectangular or free, the shapes and dimensions of swimming pools are very varied. The swimmers will appreciate the first ones while the simple swimmers will be able to taste the pleasures of the water in all the pools. The bottom profile and its depth are also important. Gentle slope, in two basins (small and large), in diamond: everything exists!

The type and condition of the structure and equipment

The basin can consist of a traditional structure (concrete), a resin shell or a metal frame linked to a liner. These pools are proven today, but they do not involve the same constraints or the same durability. It is important to know the date of construction of the basin. If it is still under a ten-year guarantee, the seller must provide you with the certificate. In case of doubt, a pool specialist can attest to the general functioning and, if necessary, provide quotes for the necessary repairs.

The quality of the facilities

Furnished beaches, shower and pool house are an undeniable asset to fully enjoy your swimming pool. Their existence and the quality of their services can be a determining factor when you plan to spend whole days in and around your pond.

The water treatment system

Any pool is linked to a water treatment system to ensure pool clarity. This system can operate with chlorine, salt or bromine, and be regulated more or less automatically. It is important to know its nature, especially in case of allergy.

The protection system

We cannot say it enough, we do not play around with the safety of a swimming pool, especially with regard to children! The law makes compulsory the existence of a security system at the time of the sale and its mention on the notarial deed. This safety can be ensured by a device meeting the standards in force in France:
  • Safety barriers (NF P90-306 standard),
  • Safety tarpaulins (NF P90-308 standard),
  • Alarms (NF P90-307 standard),
  • Shelters of all types or roller shutters (NF P90-309 standard).


Who says pool, says sunshine and heat! A well oriented swimming pool increases the bathing period throughout the year. The Côte Vermeille offers a magnificent climate: you might as well take advantage of it! A basin located on the southern part of the land will benefit from the heat of the sun. Oriented to the east, it will appeal to morning swimmers. In the west, it will remain in the evening under generous rays until sunset. A north orientation may be suitable for people who fear the sun. In this case, a heat pump to heat the water is an undeniable advantage!

The face to face

Even if they are followers of naturism, rare are the people who enjoy swimming or sunbathing under the windows of the neighbor (s). Check that the basin and its beaches are not subjected to too much vis-à-vis!

The remaining equipment

A swimming pool is also in most cases a reel, a summer cover, a winter cover, a cleaning robot and accessories: a relatively expensive material adapted to the shape and dimensions of the pool. Generally, the seller intends to leave this equipment to the buyer. But are they included in the sale price or do they have to be negotiated outside of the transaction? Their cost is equivalent to 2,000 or 3,000 € as a rule! Are they included in the sale price? Your real estate agent will enter them in the movable list which will slightly reduce your transfer costs!

Distance from home

If you are fond of naps while your teenagers and their friends are enjoying the swimming pool, it is better to prefer a house a little distant from the latter. This will prevent you from a sleep punctuated by the cries of joy and the dives of your tribe!

Administrative authorization

Any in-ground swimming pool must have been the subject of an administrative authorization issued by the town planning department of the town hall concerned. The seller must be able to provide you with the prior declaration (PD) of the pool. If this is not the case, the situation can be regularized in one month in town hall. This regularization may be subject to a condition precedent entered in the sales agreement. As always in real estate transactions, the key word is transparency! Rest assured, the presence by your side of your Côte Vermeille real estate agent will prevent you from troubled waters: an undeniable asset when it comes to finding the house with swimming pool made for you!

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