Our advice for renting the best property in Argelès-sur-Mer
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Our advice for renting the best property in Argelès-sur-Mer

13 December 2021
Are you looking for a rental in Argelès-sur-Mer? Year-round or for a stay? Relatively large the rental offer is, like everywhere else, made up of good and sometimes bad surprises. You wish not to go wrong, but you are not sure how to go about it. Do not panic ! We explain how to find the property that really suits you and rent it serenely: a simple and foolproof method!

1. Identify your needs

Do not rush into rental advertisements until you have determined very precisely what your expectations and constraints are.
  • How many rooms do you need (annual rental) or sleeping arrangements (seasonal rental)?
  • What surface do you want?
  • What services are for you non-negotiable (air conditioning, lift and parking for example)?
  • What geographical area (distance from amenities or the beach)?
  • What is the maximum rent?
Your research will be all the more effective when you have drawn up a precise robot portrait of the ideal location!

2. Search engines

Available on agency sites and major real estate portals on the Web, search engines match the available offer with the criteria you give them. Easy to use, they allow you to obtain the list of rental properties that suit you in one click. Efficient and instantaneous, the search engines of the Web give you the possibility to sort through an abundant offer without leaving your home!

3. The analysis of the ads in 6 points

Real estate advertisements normally obey a standardization allowing their comparison. If real estate agencies respect this legal framework, this is unfortunately not always the case with advertisements published by individuals. When the information provided is not sufficiently precise, contact the lessor. To decide, you must have a clear idea of the following points:
  1. • the type of property (townhouse, pavilion, villa, town apartment, apartment in divided house, apartment in residence, etc.);
  2. • the precise location: “close to” does not mean much! Demand the precise location of the proposed property in relation to your center of interest (the city center and its amenities or the beach for example);
  3. • the number of rooms (T1, T2, etc.) includes living room and bedrooms. The kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and other technical rooms are not taken into account;
  4. • the living area;
  5. • the type of heating and the state of any air conditioning;
  6. • equipment for a furnished property.
Our advice: use Google Earth to discover the area of the proposed rental. An excellent tool to check the quality of the environment of your future living or vacation environment!

4. Use a local real estate agent

This is probably the safest solution! Professional rental, the real estate agent guarantees the reality of the services advertised. A fine connoisseur of Argelès-sur-Mer, he will be able to analyze your expectations to offer you the ideal rental solution. This intermediary protects you from any risk of fraud unfortunately numerous on classified ads sites! Renting a property, especially from a distance, cannot be improvised! We cannot advise you too much to be cautious and to call on the reference real estate agency in Argelès-sur-Mer. Caution is the mother of safety ! Contact our Real Estate Agency in Collioure and our rental service/

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