Real Estate and Branding Professionals

Real Estate and Branding Professionals

13 December 2021

real estate professionals: The National Federation of Real Estate denounces 6 misconceptions about the French and their perception of

real estate professionals. An IFOP survey reveals a good level of confidence and a profession deemed essential by tenants and owners alike. Initiated by the FNAIM, this study demonstrates the importance of real estate professionals to the French. "We want to put an end to the misconceptions about real estate professionals and untruths about our businesses and the perception that our clients have of us," said Jean-François Buet, President of FNAIM. This professional adds: - "No, we are not doing a useless job: on the contrary, the expectations vis-à-vis a professional are more and more complex; no, we do not have a bad image." - "Yes, expectations are high for our services to evolve, and the movement is underway." - "Yes, the Internet is changing our customers and our businesses, but it is only a complement to the professional who is still considered essential." - "Yes, FNAIM plays a role in choosing an agency."

The real estate professional: 1st choice before notaries and individuals

As soon as they have to solve a housing problem, the French mainly turn to a real estate agent and real estate professionals. They call on him long before a notary, an expert or an individual. A choice that emerges clearly from the IFOP survey carried out in October, at the opening of the 67th FNAIM congress. Indeed, individuals mainly seek professionals to rent or manage their property (55% of responses), to sell it (52%), or to make a purchase (49%). To the question "in the past 5 years, have you used the services of a real estate professional for ...?" », It appears that the valuation of a property and the purchase of accommodation in a main residence are the main reasons for seeking the services of a professional.

Satisfied and confident clients with real estate professionals

The image of professionals is particularly good with those who have had to use their services: - 64% of customers have a good image; - 4 out of 5 people say they trust real estate agents; - 80% say they are satisfied with the expertise of the agencies.
Precise expectations of real estate professionals
By type of action, the services used are different, but above all it is noted that so-called “traditional” services are used less by categories under 30 years of age. It should also be noted that there is a disparity between the province and the Paris region: the management of relations with tenants, in particular, is a service more expected in the provinces (27%) than in the Paris region (17%). On the other hand, people looking for a rental are more demanding of support in the Paris region (33%) than in the provinces (21%). For the purchase of a good, the most used services remain the organization of visits of goods for sale for 50%, legal and regulatory support during a transaction for 32%, and the diagnosis of a good for 29%. For the sale of a good, the correct estimate of the good (51%) and the ability of the professional to market the good (50%) as well as his ability to sell it at the customer's price (47%) are the three most important services. most frequently cited. For the rental of a property, securing the transaction (56%), full management of the property (51%), guarantees for unpaid rents or damage (46%) and relationship management with tenants (24%) are the main expectations. On the tenant side, a selection of properties according to their criteria (49%), securing the transaction (45%) and proposals for properties in accordance with their budget (41%) are the main expected services.
Internet is an essential complement, which does not however replace the professional.
Find the websites of real estate agencies in Sorède, Collioure and Argelès-sur-Mer . If the Internet reflex is now well established (74% consider this tool essential), 73% say that the Internet is complementary to contact with a professional. However, the FIFG notes that the perception of the usefulness of the professional as a complement to the Internet decreases according to the age group: thus, for 25-34 year olds, 31% believe that the Internet can replace a professional against 25% only for 50-64 year olds. Searching for advertisements and information remains the main reason for using the Internet (90% of respondents say they use the Internet for information). But confidence is not always there: 25% are not very reassured by the tool. It should be noted that the sites of real estate agencies are on a par with the sites of individuals as the main source of information (47% declare them as their main source of information on the state of the real estate market). For the search for a property (purchase or rental), individual sites (44%), agency ad sites (42%) and agency sites (39%) are the 3 main sources of information. 'information. The agency windows are popular at 32%.
FNAIM: a factor of choice for the client to choose the right real estate professionals
95% of people who have had contact with a real estate professional over the past 5 years say they know the name of FNAIM. For those who have chosen an agency displaying their affiliation with FNAIM, 84% say that this membership has encouraged them to favor this professional rather than another. Find all the real estate advertisements of the Pyrénées Orientales, department 66 On: purchase sale rental real estate Argelès-sur-Mer 66700. Follow 66 real estate news for Collioure, Sorède and Argelès-sur-Mer on our immo blog. Find all of our addresses on the Internet and social networks. Immobilier Argelès-Sur-Mer 66700, a blog posted by Chris Agence de Cote Vermeille Argelès-sur-Mer. Another article on real estate in Argelès-sur-Mer to see: houses for sale in Argelès-sur-Mer. Apartments for Sale at Argelès-sur-Mer 66700.

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