Why go through an agency to sell your property in Côte Vermeille?
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Why go through an agency to sell your property in Côte Vermeille?

13 December 2021
You sell on the Côte Vermeille and you wonder: should you conduct this sale alone or be accompanied by a real estate agency? In France, the FNAIM notes that more than two thirds of real estate transactions are concluded through a real estate agent. This market share alone should convince you to entrust your sale to the real estate agency in Collioure of reference on the Côte Vermeille. Nevertheless, let's take the time to detail these arguments in favor of the intervention of a real estate agent!

A professional estimate

The market value of a property is based on many criteria to be analyzed with objectivity. This is a study which requires a real knowledge of the local real estate market and a total emotional detachment with the property concerned. Two conditions that only a professional can meet! This local market expert will be able to give you a realistic estimate of your property in the Pyrenees-Orientales real estate market and more particularly on the Côte Vermeille! This is an essential prerequisite to market your property at the right price.

A valued ad

A real estate agent is a transaction professional who is trained to add value to each property in his portfolio. Whatever the nature of your property (house, apartment, land, commercial or professional premises), this transaction professional will be able to highlight his assets and ensure a quality shot. A good real estate ad combines precision of words and aesthetics of photos! Technical and legal knowledge, a good pen and photographic talents cannot be improvised.

Optimal marketing

A sale takes place all the more quickly as the proposed good is widely distributed. Physical storefronts, portals and specialized websites, magazines and flyers, real estate agencies have a marketing force immeasurably greater than that of an individual. Any property entrusted to a real estate agent is immediately compared to the criteria of the buyers of its internal file and widely distributed to reach potential local, national or even international buyers!

A complete sales file

Visit, negotiation and drafting of the sales agreement are based on a very complete file (building permit, prior declaration, certificate of conformity, plans, ten-year warranty and real estate diagnostics). These documents allow the real estate agent to accurately answer the potential buyer's questions, prove their claims and best defend the sale price. This same file also allows the rapid drafting of the sales agreement! Aware of these issues, the real estate agent is able to collect this documentation, and knows which service or professional to contact to obtain a missing piece (town planning department, SPANC, certified diagnostician, notary, etc.).

Full support until signing

From the offer to purchase to the signing of the authentic deed at your notary, the administrative process of a real estate sale can be complicated and stressful! By his mastery of the administrative workings of the transaction, the real estate agent brings a reassuring fluidity suitable for securing the sale, in particular during the legal withdrawal period (10 calendar days after receipt by the purchaser of the sales agreement sign).

Good to know: According to a recent study by the FNAIM, real estate agents are at the origin of 68% of real estate transactions in France, while 19% are carried out between individuals and 13% via a notary or a person from the entourage of the seller.

Whether it is part of a life project, an estate or the reorganization of your heritage, a real estate sale always combines personal and financial issues. As such, it deserves professional support. Whatever the type of property offered for sale and its value on the market, the Côte Vermeille agencies and the Paradise agency in Collioure take great care in the preparation of all its mandates: the perfect ally to conclude quickly and well! Sources:

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