Collioure, all the fundamentals of a successful investment

Collioure, all the fundamentals of a successful investment

13 December 2021
real estate investment in Collioure: Do you want to invest by the sea in a popular resort for maximum rental yield? In the Pyrénées-Orientales, a real estate investment in Collioure is a good deal to favor. With a real estate market that has so many strengths, your business will be successful. Explanations.

Collioure, an attractive city

Each year, 80,000 visitors, attracted by a unique heritage and environment, push through the door of the Collioure Tourist Office. Nestled in a cove at the foot of the Pyrenees, this small Catalan port has inherited many monuments from its history and has retained a unique atmosphere! Unlike some cities, Collioure the romantic seduces far beyond the seas. An attractiveness served by the climate: mild winters and hot summers maintain tourist activity all year round. Ideal for considering weekly rentals for maximum profitability!

Real estate investment in Collioure: attractive prices per m²

In Collioure, count on average 4,000 € / m² for an apartment and 3,500 € / m² for a house. Figures that may seem high to you but which, when compared to those of other seaside resorts, are more than reasonable: Saint-Tropez (€ 9,000 and € 13,000), La Baule (€ 4,700 and € 3,900 €) and Le Touquet (€ 4,600 and € 4,400) to name a few. For those who want to invest by the sea and take advantage of the tourist windfall, Collioure offers particularly attractive acquisition prices. Above all, do not think that you need a substantial budget to invest in Collioure: it is now possible to become an owner there for less than € 99,000 if you are patient!

real estate investment in Collioure: Preparing for retirement in the sun

Your rental investment can be the prelude to a retirement in the sun. By positioning yourself today on an apartment, a village house or a villa, you will have at the end of your activity a welcoming property in which to spend your old days. Far from the hustle and bustle of large cities, the village of Collioure is not cut off from the world! Equipped with all amenities, Collioure is only 27 km from Perpignan, 26 km from the Spanish border and 6 hours by train from Paris. A happy retirement in a unique setting where the words “art of living” are not just an expression!

real estate investment in Collioure: Bet on professional support

The Paradise Collioure International Real Estate agency is not only able to direct you to the property that will meet your expectations and your budget, but also to offer you a rental solution for the year or for the week. Our advisers are at your disposal to study your requests and help you materialize them as quickly as possible. Professionals who know every alley in Collioure and who miss no opportunity in the old as in the new! They only offer you perfectly valued goods, that is to say at the right price, neither more nor less. You are in good hands and that makes all the difference when it comes to profitability. On the Côte Vermeille, a real estate investment in Collioure is a project to be favored without delay for all those who want to invest in the beautiful Mediterranean stone!

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