Living your real estate dream in Collioure

Living your real estate dream in Collioure

13 December 2021
Whether you dream of becoming an owner by the sea or aspire to more authenticity and friendliness, affording a real estate project in Collioure is possible! Contrary to popular belief, this destination is quite affordable if you want to acquire a pied-à-terre, make a rental investment or find your main residence. Demonstration.

Real estate investment in Collioure

Because it requires a significant financial and emotional investment, a real estate purchase is always part of the life project. Whether motivated by the aspiration to become an owner or by a desire for elsewhere, it is not decided lightly. However, there are destinations where the “crush” meets reason. Just like Collioure and its assets, which is one of those rare real estate gems where it is good to invest.

Geography, transport and amenities

27 km from Perpignan and 26 km from the Spanish border, Collioure is considered a Mediterranean gem. Nestled in a cove at the foot of the Pyrenees which serve as its backdrop, this small fishing port has inherited an exceptional architectural heritage. In addition, it is located 6 hours from Paris-Gare-de-Lyon, 35 minutes from Perpignan-Rivesaltes airport and 20 minutes from the A9 motorway. Perfectly opened up, the small town of Collioure offers a good network of local shops in its town center.

real estate in Collioure: A unique atmosphere

Known throughout the world for its exceptional light, Collioure has kept its Catalan spirit. Animated all year round, its nights are made up of music and dance. The Colliourencs cultivate an art of living imbued with simplicity and conviviality. Although popular, especially by all art lovers who wish to follow in the footsteps of Matisse and Derain, the atmosphere in Collioure is the exact opposite of crowded or concrete seaside resorts.

The real estate offer in Collioure

Despite its status and attractiveness, you will find the most satisfactory real estate in Collioure with products for less than 100,000 €! Small apartments in village houses or more recent residences are perfect for having a pied-à-terre for a weekend or sunny holidays and for entering the seasonal rental market. The particularly varied real estate offer makes it possible to meet all aspirations and all budgets. From the fisherman's house with a view of the sea, to the prestigious villa on the heights via the beautiful apartment in the city center, you will have the choice as long as you are patient. With an average price per m² of € 4,000 for apartments and € 3,500 for houses, Collioure often requires a lower budget than that requested in many French metropolises or seaside resorts!

Living your real estate dream in Collioure: pushing the right door

Attractive, Collioure does not always come easily. If it is diversified, its real estate market is relatively small. The town has been able to resist the sirens of the promoters to preserve its living environment. Whatever the target segment, living your real estate dream in Collioure requires expert support on site. At 36 bis, rue de la Démocratie, the Collioure real estate agency welcomes you to study your project and help you bring it to fruition as soon as possible. A local reference in real estate, the Immo Paradise agency has established itself as a must for owners who wish to sell their property. Your future acquisition is certainly on display and your transaction advisor will do everything to allow you to access it. From the Faubourg beach apartment for less than € 70,000 to the property with a sea view for more than one million euros, the agency's portfolio makes it possible to meet all buyer profiles. In the footsteps of your real estate agent, you will discover the town and what, we hope, will be your new address. A real estate dream in Collioure is by no means unrealizable as long as it is entrusted to knowledgeable professionals. Expert support to overcome the difficulties of a necessarily small market. Because some dreams are worth living, the real estate agency Paradise Collioure International Real Estate is at your disposal to complete your project.

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