Investing in real estate, the favorite investment of the French

Investing in real estate, the favorite investment of the French

13 December 2021

Making a real estate investment in the new, it is above all, it is to pay notary fees reduced (+ 5% saved on the purchase price). real estate investment in new buildings = guarantees

real estate investment, buy and invest your money in stone yes but in new

To carry out a
real estate investment in the new,
it is above all, it is to pay expenses of notary reduced (+ of 5% saved on the purchase price). real estate investment in new buildings = guarantees

It's buying peace and quiet for at least 10 years. In fact, which landlord has not suffered the wrath of his tenant to change the obsolete sink, the dilapidated piping, redo the paintings, change the locks, bring the electrical network back to safety standards? New investment exempts the owner from these kinds of worries for at least 10 years.

But it also means renting more easily, because tenants are more and more demanding when it comes to housing, and prefer up-to-date housing, efficient in terms of heating savings rather than dilapidated and obsolete housing, without thermal insulation. and phonic.

It means benefiting from a sale in the future state of completion, and thus being able to manage the interior fittings as desired (tiles, wall coverings, kitchen, etc.).

It is the possibility of tax exemption of income.

It means achieving an honorable rental yield, without comparison with the offers of banking investments or secure insurance products in the current market.

It is hoping to regain your capital at the end of the investment (over a long period, real estate investment has always been stable and secure, compared to other types of investments).

The danger: The investment of sums for a building that has not yet been built:

  • · The solution: payments are staggered over time, as construction progresses, and benefit from a real guarantee registered by the Notary.

The danger : The rental vacancy: how many naive owners have been trapped by real estate investments sold by Banks or Insurance Companies, juicy on paper, but catastrophic because the building was built in an area where land was certainly less expensive, but where rental demand was almost zero.

  • · The solution : consult the COTE VERMEILLE and PARADISE Agencies, with more than 60 years of successful experience in Roussillon, who have selected a few real estate programs to build, suitable for rental. And rental is also their job.

The danger : tenants do not pay, or degrade the premises.

  • · The solution: the COTE VERMEILLE and PARADISE Agencies guarantee payment (without excess) and damage.

Conclusion : consult (without obligation) our bilingual Consultants (French-English) Christophe and Neil who will be able to give you their best advice. Contact:

Some examples of new real estate programs and investments

  • Port-Vendres 66 660 near the port and shops from 150 000€ to 590 000€,

  • Buy an apartment in Collioure
    At 10 minutes walk from the beach T3 and T4 from 398 000€ to 483 000€, there is also a villa with sea view at 529 000€.
  • Argeles Village from T2 to T3 from € 120,000 to € 280,000
  • Canet en Roussillon investment property New apartments more than a few lots available.

Thanks to our network of national promoters, we have new programs all over France, Toulouse31, Paris 75, Montpellier 34, Balgnac 31, Castelnau le Lez, Marseille 13, Aix en Provence 13, toulon, 83, Saint Raphael 83, Hyères 83 , but also in Bordeaux, Paris, Avignon, Chambery, Creteil, Evreux, Grenoble, Lille, L'isle Adam, Lyon, Menton, Metz, Nancy, Nantes, Orlean, Orly, Palaiseau, Rennes, Saint Etienne, Versailles, Etc Etc Etc .. Do not hesitate to consult the Paradise Collioure International Real Estate Agency.

To make a real estate investment on the Côte Vermeille or in the Pyrénées Orientales, visit the Paradise real estate agency website.

then if you are interested in a real estate investment in the Eastern Pyrenees, to buy a new house, a new apartment on plan, or even for any project of new program on the 66, or the purchase of a ground to build.

Contact the specialists of the new real estate and the real investment in the stone, the agency Paradise Collioure international Real Estate.

Real estate investment, buy a house or a new apartment in the Po a blog posted by Chris of Paradise International Real Estate Agency, your real estate investment advice in stone, rental and new

apartments for sale in Argelès sur mer, houses for sale in Argeles 66700

Houses for sale on Collioure 66190, Collioure apartments for sale

and many others.


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