Real estate purchase project: How to prepare it well?

Real estate purchase project: How to prepare it well?

13 December 2021
Real estate experts tend to advise young households to invest in stone as early as possible. Especially when interest rates are low, as is currently the case (3.04% over 16.6 years according to the CSA Credit / Housing Observatory). Above all, this allows you to set up “forced savings” and to capitalize for your old age thanks to your real estate purchase. Once retired, the landlord will no longer have to pay rent. This is all savings made while the average pension of a retiree is only 1,256 euros gross per month according to statistics from the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnav) released on May 27, 2013.

However, before embarking on home ownership, you must tie up your real estate purchase project.

In 2011, 6.2% of over-indebtedness files filed concerned homeowners according to the Banque de France. This rate has been reduced since it hovered around 10.1% in 2011. But young households must be careful and keep in mind the costs of home ownership. An owner must pay a property tax on built properties (in addition to the housing tax), it must deal with the financing of maintenance work but also the replacement of major equipment or renovation, co-ownership charges in the event of the purchase of an apartment building, etc. When buying an old house, the new owner must bear in mind that energy losses are generally greater than in a recent house or apartment, so the heating bill may increase. In addition, young households tend to move away from city centers to benefit from lower prices than those observed in the heart of urban areas. These families must properly calculate the expenses incurred by the purchase of housing far from their work (such as the travel budget for example). All these expenses combined with loan maturities must not induce an excessively large “jump in expenses” (total current expenses) between the moment when the household changes status and becomes owner. Experts in the sector, bankers and real estate agents, are there to educate candidates for accession so that the purchase project is a success and the purchase of real estate a pleasure in addition to an investment. and if you are finally ready for your first real estate purchase, go to the Cote vermeille and Paradise agency websites, specialists in real estate purchases on the Cote vermeille. Save

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