Real estate diagnosis: How much does it cost?
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Real estate diagnosis: How much does it cost?

23 December 2021

Whether selling or renting your property, in Collioure as elsewhere, the property diagnosis file is mandatory : it consists of a precise assessment of the apartment or house, carried out by a certified professional.

A real estate reference in Collioure, the Paradise International agency tells you everything you need to know about real estate diagnoses and in particular their cost .

Diagnostics, what for?

The real estate diagnoses inform the buyer or the tenant about the condition of the accommodation. The latter must comply with the standards in force . The diagnoses to be carried out depend on the year of construction of the housing, its geographical location, the existence or not of a condominium, its equipment and the nature of its sanitation.

Gathered in the technical diagnostics file (DDT), the diagnostics constitute the housing health record. The DDT must confirm the sanitation of the dwelling, its general condition, the presence or absence of parasites or toxic elements, its energy performance and the risks associated with electrical and gas installations. It indicates the need or not to carry out work to remedy any problems detected.

List of real estate diagnoses

  • The Carrez law diagnosis for the sale of a condominium property;
  • The Boutin law diagnosis for rental;
  • The energy performance diagnosis of the building;
  • The asbestos diagnosis for goods built before July 1 , 1997;
  • The lead diagnostic for goods built before January 1 , 1949;
  • The termite diagnosis in the municipalities listed by prefectural decree;
  • The state of risks and pollution;
  • Gas diagnostics for any installation over 15 years old;
  • Electrical diagnosis for any installation over 15 years old;
  • The noise diagnosis;
  • Information on dry rot in the municipalities listed by prefectural decree;
  • Diagnosis for non-collective sanitation (to be carried out by the Public Service for Non-Collective Sanitation).

A certified professional

With the exception of the diagnosis for non-collective sanitation which is the responsibility of a public service, all diagnoses must be carried out by an approved diagnostician .

This professional has the valid certificates and the equipment necessary to establish the diagnostics required by your sale or rental.

To find a diagnostician near you , you can contact your real estate agent or consult the online directory of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities.

The cost of real estate diagnostics in France

The prices of diagnostics are not regulated. Each diagnostician is therefore free to apply his own price list. Observing the prices charged nevertheless makes it possible to establish an average price grid for a two-bedroom apartment in Collioure :

  • Price of the asbestos diagnosis: 105 €
  • Price of lead diagnostic: 155 €
  • Gas diagnostic price: 120 €
  • Price of the electrical diagnosis: 115 €
  • Price of the energy performance diagnosis (DPE): 120 €
  • Carrez Law diagnostic price: € 85
  • Price of the Boutin Law diagnostic: € 85
  • ERP diagnostic price: 20 €
  • Termites diagnostic price: 125 €
  • Noise diagnostic price: 100 €
  • Price of dry rot diagnosis: 300 €
  • Price of the sanitation diagnostic: 125 €

Beyond these unit prices, diagnosticians offer DDT as a package. Thus, a package of 8 diagnoses is established at 480 € for a 5-room house and 410 € for a 5-room apartment.


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