Collioure, a city that rivals Cannes and Deauville

Collioure, a city that rivals Cannes and Deauville

13 December 2021
Collioure, a town located in the Pyrenees-Orientales, is known for its beauty, its heritage and its quality of life. It is considered a pearl of the Mediterranean and can compete with any city on the French coast. Unlike Cannes, Saint-Tropez or Deauville, real estate prices in Collioure are more affordable. However, an article in the regional newspaper "L'Indépendant" in February 2015 suggested that real estate prices in Collioure could rival those of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the French Riviera or the Ocean. This claim is not supported by any specific study and has not been confirmed by a serious real estate observatory. In reality, the prices of real estate in Collioure are reasonable, which makes the town attractive to potential buyers. However, this section has had the perverse effect of persuading sellers that they can charge any price, which may deter potential buyers. The Paradise Collioure International Real Estate agency, member of the GI 66, the first sales force of Roussillon, has a real estate observatory which is well fed and which completely denies this very light publication. The agency's bilingual consultants, Christophe and Neil, can help sellers set a fair price and help buyers find their dream home in the best conditions. On the real estate blog of the agency, you can find articles on houses and apartments for sale in Collioure 66190, as well as on all the real estate market of the region, the purchase, the sale and the rent of houses, villas and apartments. You can also consult the sales and purchases of houses, apartments for sale, rentals in Collioure 66190 and many other interesting articles on real estate in Collioure. In conclusion, Collioure is a beautiful town with reasonable real estate prices. It is important not to rely on unsubstantiated information, but to trust a serious real estate observatory and real estate professionals to get accurate information and find the perfect property.

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