Why live and invest in Collioure?

Why live and invest in Collioure?

23 December 2021

Nestled at the end of a small bay on the Côte Vermeille, Collioure is a pearl of the Mediterranean… a destination to be considered for both living and investing!

The small Catalan fishing port indeed offers significant assets and largely compares with other Mediterranean or Atlantic seaside resorts. PARADISE Immobilier reveals today why you should live and invest in Collioure: 8 reasons that make all the difference!

1) Collioure: A well-served destination

  • Located 29 km from Perpignan and 23 km from the Spanish border (Cerbère), the town of Collioure can be reached by plane (Perpignan-Rivesaltes airport), by road (A9 motorway) or by mainline trains ( Collioure SNCF station).
  • It only takes 6:10 by train to make the Paris-Collioure trip: you can leave Paris-Gare-de-Lyon on Friday around 11 a.m. and arrive in the heart of the village at 5 p.m. for a lovely Mediterranean weekend!
  • Whether it is buying in Collioure for yourself (as a primary or secondary residence) or to join the seasonal rental market, this good service to the village facilitates your travels and boosts the attractiveness of your property!

2) The town of Collioure: Authenticity and character

Collioure has inherited a first-rate architectural heritage from its long history. Nestled in a bay, between sea and mountain, the fishing village was fortified by these successive masters: counts of Roussillon, kings of Mallorca, kings of Spain and France ... have in turn bequeathed to the city its castle , its fort and its ramparts.

These fortifications protect a typical Catalan village made up of winding streets and intimate squares over which beautiful ocher facades lean.

Fishermen's houses in Collioure village houses, detached houses, beautiful villas or apartment in Collioure in a luxury residence, everything is possible in Collioure. The city accumulates prizes and recognitions: on July 2, 2021, Collioure obtained the “Petites Cités de Caractère” label !

3) Collioure is a lively city all year round

In contrast to many seaside towns, which are only alive in summer, Collioure has preserved its village soul. The "pearl of the Mediterranean" offers many cultural activities throughout the year. Matisse and Derain made it the temple of Fauvism at the start of the 20th century.

Today, this city of painters has around twenty artist studios and art galleries as well as a museum of contemporary and modern art.

Collioure lives to the rhythm of exhibitions, festivals and traditional celebrations. In addition, Catalan conviviality is expressed daily in every street and every square of the city where the inhabitants like to share a moment. Collioure cultivates a real village life in all seasons.

4) A beautiful and generous nature in Collioure

The Côte Vermeille which stretches from Argelès-sur-Mer to the border is a wild and unspoiled coastline. Its 20 km offer sandy beaches, schistose rocks, creeks and small fishing ports.

In Collioure itself, several sandy or pebble beaches and intimate coves offer swimmers crystal clear water. This Mediterranean coast of the Pyrenees has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002 .

Rugged and cut by deep valleys, the Albères massif literally plunges into the Mediterranean. This coastline and mountainous hinterland constitute a superb natural setting for Collioure.

It is a wonderful space with infinite potential for all those who like contact with nature or practicing water or outdoor sports.

5) An exceptional climate in Collioure

Collioure enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The tramontana, which forms between the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, clears the clouds to offer Collioure a frequently blue sky and the luminosity that was so dear to the masters of Fauvism.

In fact, Collioure takes advantage of exceptional sunshine and mild temperatures . It rains there mainly in winter. This generous climate allows you to fully benefit from the charm of the village and the beauty of its landscapes. In Collioure, the sun invites you to make the most of life!

6) A superb art of living

Collioure is also a typically Catalan way of life. The people are welcoming and everything is a pretext for a moment of conviviality.

We are happy to exchange coffee time and share the best dishes of the region. Renowned for their character, the wines of Collioure and Banyuls are best enjoyed with friends or family during long, memorable meals.

Unlike the hectic lifestyles of metropolises or even upscale seaside resorts, Collioure takes the time to experience and appreciate the good things !

7) Reasonable property prices in Collioure

Although its fame goes far beyond France, Collioure has very reasonable real estate prices.

The average price per m² in Collioure is € 4,960 there : a figure to be compared with the € 9,490 required in Saint-Tropez (Var), € 6,130 in Deauville (Calvados) or € 7,730 in Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

Despite all its strengths and the quality of its properties, Collioure remains an affordable seaside destination . Accompanied by an expert in the local market, a buyer can easily find the property that suits him to live year round, have a pied-à-terre or rent in season.

8) Strong attractiveness

Collioure Tourist Office is the most visited tourist office in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Every year, no less than 600,000 visitors sometimes come from far away to visit the city and take advantage of its charms.

The owner of a property in Collioure can take advantage of this tourist windfall by renting by the week during his periods of absence.

Depending on the services offered (surface area, number of rooms, equipment, location in relation to the sea) and the season, the week can range from 500 to over 2,000 € . Here is a very good profitability especially since the attractiveness of Collioure greatly limits the risks of rental shortfall!

From a real estate perspective, Collioure is a unique case. Beautiful and attractive from every point of view, the small town retains very reasonable prices .

It is an opportunity for buyers wishing to realize a life project on the Mediterranean coast or investors looking for good rental profitability .

A real estate reference in Collioure, the Paradise International agency is at your disposal to study your expectations and accompany you to the tailor-made property for you. This local expert will open the doors to a city as beautiful as it is endearing.


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