FNAIM: Ethics and professional conduct in real estate

FNAIM: Ethics and professional conduct in real estate

13 December 2021

Ethics and professional conduct;

Since 2005, the FNAIM has had a Code of Ethics and Deontology. To join the Federation, a real estate professional must de facto commit to respecting this code, both in his relationship with his clients and with his colleagues. An Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee oversees the proper application of this code and its full respect by members and their employees. Any fact likely to constitute a breach brought to the attention of this committee gives rise to disciplinary proceedings. The FNAIM member is then liable to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including delisting. Each member of the FNAIM must be aware that the non-respect of these principles constitutes a risk of damaging its brand image as that of the FNAIM. It won't be long before all the professions governed by the HOGUET law will be subject to national rules of professional conduct. These rules, largely inspired by the Code of Ethics and Deontology of the FNAIM and that of the CEPI, have been validated by the National Council for Real Estate Transaction and Management (CNTGI). They will now be offered to the Ministers of Justice, Consumer Affairs and Housing for publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

The basic principles of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

- Strict compliance with the law and regulations: the FNAIM member exercises his profession in strict compliance with the laws, decrees and regulatory texts in force, the statutes and internal regulations of the FNAIM as well as the rules of the Code of Ethics and Deontology. He is constantly kept informed of the latest legislative and regulatory provisions likely to be of interest to his fields of activity. - Respect for the integrity of the profession and its ethical rules: the FNAIM member, by his behavior and his words, strives to give the best image of his profession. He refrains from any behavior, action or omission likely to harm FNAIM, its professional organization and the entire profession. He exercises his profession with competence, conscience, dignity, loyalty, sincerity and probity and with the conviction that his professionalism is the best guarantee of his recognition by his clients. - In its relations with its customers: the FNAIM member respects its obligation of transparency in the display of the services offered. Its actions are guided by listening and seeking customer satisfaction. To this end, the FNAIM member undertakes to process complaints addressed to him “within a reasonable time” and establishes a formal procedure for handling written complaints from his customers.

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