New real estate: The 5 advantages of buying new

New real estate: The 5 advantages of buying new

13 December 2021
New real estate: Under the spell of the Côte Vermeille, you want to buy real estate there? A very good idea to enjoy a foothold or even set up your main residence there, or even make a rental investment. However, one question remains: new or old? The Côte Vermeille agency deciphers for you the 5 major advantages of buying new.

1. Benefit from reduced deed costs: New real estate

Any real estate acquisition inevitably involves a notarial deed, which gives rise to a series of taxes payable to the State and local authorities. Unfairly qualified as "notary fees", these transfer rights are set between 7 and 8% of the purchase price in the old, but remain reasonable in the new with a rate between 2 and 3%. A nice difference on the overall amount of the operation.

2. A ready-to-live-in property to suit your needs in new-build property

By opting for a apartment in Collioure or a new house in Collioure you're choosing a home that meets your expectations and the latest standards. You have decided to contract for a plan and equipment in accordance with your lifestyle, and all modern comforts, especially in terms of insulation, are there. You put your furniture at home without having to consider a series of major works to bring your home up to date or up to electrical standards or even to improve energy efficiency.

3. Guarantees for new real estate

Once you've taken delivery of your new home, you'll benefit from a one-year "garantie parfait achèvement" (guarantee of perfect completion) and a ten-year "garantie dommage-ouvrage" (structural damage guarantee). This is the assurance of not having to pay out of pocket for a malfunction or the slightest counterfeit. A serenity most of the time non-existent in old real estate, since the properties offered for sale have been completed for more than ten years. In new buildings, the builder is in fact bound by legal obligations which obviously do not apply to an individual not a real estate professional who sells an old property.

4. No condominium work for anew property purchase

When you buy in a new home, you can rest assured that it will not require renovation work for many years. Your charges, fixed at a general meeting in the event of joint ownership, are unlikely to fly away to allow for an essential repair of the roof, for example. You benefit from a legibility of your expenses in the coming decade which is not always at the rendezvous with old real estate.

5. Tax advantages

Depending on the municipality, the purchase of new housing gives rise to attractive tax reductions. The exemption from property tax for two years, the eligibility for the zero rate loan (PTZ) or certain tax exemption systems such as Pinel, contribute to the attractiveness of new buildings. A global vision of real estate investment in accounting matters that feeds good business! As you can see, the new has no shortage of arguments when it comes to buying real estate. Advised and accompanied on site by a reference real estate agent, you are in good hands to discover the current programs. Contact Paradise Collioure agency International Real Estate to discover all our new homes for sale in Pyrénées Orientales

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