4 Tips to sell your property quickly on the Côte Vermeille
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4 Tips to sell your property quickly on the Côte Vermeille

13 December 2021
Owner of a property for sale on the Côte Vermeille, you wish to concretize quickly and well! The tips for achieving this can be divided into 4 distinct but complementary actions: add value to your property, present a complete sales file, take advantage of the benefits of your beautiful region and put your trust in a real estate transaction professional such as our real estate agency in Collioure .

1) Enhance the value of your property

Apartment, townhouse or villa your property needs to be presented in its best light. Without necessarily embarking on a large and expensive home staging operation, you need to correct the marks of the past. Choose neutral shades to repaint the most worn surfaces, make small repairs and if necessary give more old-fashioned pieces a makeover. Anticipate your future move by depersonalizing your interior. The latter must be freed from superfluous furniture, trinkets accumulated over time and family photos. The potential buyer must be able to appreciate the volume of each room and to project himself. If you do not have the soul of an interior designer, do not hesitate to get help. The site lists no less than 44 interior decorators in Collioure alone. A professional can help you sort out what to keep and what to transform to bring your home up to date.

2) Present a complete sales file

Apartment or house The law requires that a Diagnostic Performance Énergétique (DPE) less than 10 years old be submitted for marketing. Take advantage of the visit of the certified diagnostician to have him carry out all the other diagnoses that will be requested when drafting the compromise. Depending on the nature of the property, its age and the departmental decrees in force: gas, electricity, surface law carrez, termites, State of Risks and Pollution (ERP), asbestos, lead and dry rot. If your home is equipped with a septic tank, call the Public Service for Non-Collective Sanitation to obtain the certificate of conformity or non-conformity of the latter. Housing itself, extension or particular equipment, prepare the town planning authorizations, the certificates of conformity and the certificates of all the decennial guarantees in force: an effective file to reassure the most anxious buyers!

3) Take advantage of your region's assets

Côte Vermeille or massif of the Albères, the Pyrénées-Orientales combine the assets to seduce the most demanding clientele. Wherever you live in this magnificent department, highlight the proximity of the Mediterranean, the calm of the mountains, the mild climate and the conviviality of the streets and squares of your town. Ideally located to take advantage of the beaches of the Côte Vermeille and the Pyrenean ski resorts, the Pyrenees-Orientales are also very well served: the A9 freeway, the Narbonne-Port-Bou SNCF line and the Sud de France-Perpignan airport ensure easy connections to all of France and a large part of Europe.

4) Trust a professional

According to the certified figures of the National Federation of Real Estate Agents (FNAIM), 68% of real estate transactions in France are contracted through a real estate agency, 19% from private individuals, and 13% through a notary. These statistics alone prove the importance of professional support for your sales project. Real estate portals, specialized sites, agency site, buyers' file, showcases, real estate magazines and flyers, the real estate agent deploys a marketing arsenal that is not within the reach of sellers. This optimal marketing makes it possible to reach all the potential buyers of the moment, and this well beyond the departmental borders. The intervention of a professional will allow him to provide you with an estimate in line with the realities of the market to approach the latter at the right price. This is a prerequisite for putting your marketing on the right track. Your real estate agent will also know how to take advantage of the valuation of your property, the documents in your sales file and the characteristics of the region to present it as well as possible and to seduce visitors. Selling quickly is good, selling well is better: a specialist in negotiation, your real estate agent will know how to defend the sale price all the better because it is based on his estimate! A real estate reference in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the Côte Vermeille Agency puts its experience and market expertise at your service. Complete support makes the difference.

Good to know : photographs and text of presentation of a property are at the heart of the seduction of potential buyers. The former must attract attention while arousing curiosity, the latter must be precise and seductive. This difficult art is perfectly mastered in a real estate agency.

As you can see, a real estate sale cannot be improvised. This project, with its high financial and personal stakes, will be all the easier to achieve if the real estate agent and seller duo work together.

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