Recently installed in Collioure, how to take advantage of the low season ?
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Recently installed in Collioure, how to take advantage of the low season ?

13 December 2021
You have just moved to Collioure and you are wondering what to do in the city and the region during the low season. Rest assured, Collioure, the Côte Vermeille and the Albères have a lot to offer, all year round! Real estate reference in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the local real estate agency in Collioure Paradise Immobilier gives you some ideas on how to make the most of this beautiful region in winter.

Idea 1: the walk: the 10,000 daily steps

There is no better time than the low season to discover the streets, the squares, the quays, the historical heritage and the heights of Collioure. Less frequented than in summer, the places are all the better for the walker (s). Now is the time to take your 10,000 steps a day to take care of your health while traveling through the city and its surroundings. Examples ? Climb to the Collioure mill! 15 minutes from the castle, the place offers you a superb panorama between sea and mountain. The most seasoned will push the ascent to Fort Saint-Elme: 30 to 45 minutes of walking and wonder!

Idea 2: exhibitions

City muse of the precursors of the fauvism Collioure is now a city dedicated to Art and more particularly to painting. The small Catalan port has many art galleries and two museums, one dedicated to Fauvism and the other to modern art. It is an opportunity to discover superb collections and artists of yesterday and today. A true open-air exhibition, the Fauvism path invites walkers to discover on the city walls the reproduction of works produced in 1905 by Henri Matisse and André Derain.

Idea 3: the wine route

Collioure is also a region and a recognized wine AOC. The vineyard occupies no less than 330 hectares on the slopes of the town and around. The schist soil, the Catalan sun and the Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah and Carignan grape varieties give fruity and powerful wines. The wine route along Aspres, Albères and Côte Vermeille invites you to discover the region's estates and their production: the opportunity for a friendly road trip on condition that you never forget that the tasting of a wine always ends in the spittoon to avoid any risk when driving!

Idea 4: the amateur photo

Frequently bathed in extraordinary light, Collioure and its surroundings present a privileged setting for experienced photographers as well as amateurs. The medieval streets of the city and their colorful and flowery facades, the Catalan boats in the port, the churches and castles and the pier offer a multitude of interesting spots. It is an ideal region to discover a new passion that is both technical and artistic. Thanks to digital technology, photography is now within everyone's reach without costing large amounts of money.

Idea 5: fishing, walks and sea cruises

Historic fishing port, Collioure is currently a starting point for very pleasant days at sea. Whether it is fishing, discovering the seabed thanks to the boats offering underwater vision, admiring the coast and the city from the sea, you will have no trouble finding a boarding at the right price in low season ! Cruises departing from the pier located at the foot of the royal castle will take you to Cap Béar, Paulilles cove, smugglers' cave, Banyuls bay, Argelès and Port Vendres.

Idea 6: local cooking classes

L'atelier de la cuisine, hosted by Victoria Robinson in her fisherman's house in Collioure at 11 rue Duquesne, introduces you to the preparation of local produce bought that morning at the market. You will benefit from a very friendly cooking class to master the recipes of the region and learn how to present them on a perfectly prepared plate.

Do not miss Take advantage of the rare gloomy days of the year to develop your culture of the city. The book Matisse ou le miracle de Collioure (Matisse or the miracle of Collioure) by Jean-Pierre Barou tells you about the aesthetic revolution that took place in Collioure in 1905.

There is nothing gloomy about the low season in Collioure. The Catalan city retains all its appeal and is just as generous as on the brightest days of summer. The few ideas that we have provided here are just a sample of the extraordinary palette that Collioure offers to color your life!

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