Sale: what documents to provide to your real estate agent?

Sale: what documents to provide to your real estate agent?

13 December 2021
Are you selling your property? Because a fast sale is also determined by the quality of the file, the Agences de la Côte Vermeille and Paradise International Real Estate list all the documents you need to prepare for your meeting with the real estate agent!

The importance of a complete file

The list of documents to be provided is on a case-by-case basis: the type of property, its geographical location, its age and the form of ownership partly determine the latter. A sale file is made up of compulsory and optional documents. Please note: certain documents, optional for marketing, become compulsory for the drafting and signing of a sales agreement. It is as well to bring them all together from the outset to gain credibility and efficiency. Complete, your file indeed offers the necessary precision to your real estate agent and reassures potential buyers of your home. The technical and town planning aspects of the property are presented precisely and the resulting transparency contributes to the climate of trust necessary for any transaction.

Are you the full owner of your property?

  • - Title deeds
  • - Drawdown of inheritance if applicable, or deed of gift / sharing
  • - Property tax notice
  • - Building permit
  • - Attestation of Conformity
  • - "Damage-Work" insurance certificate when the property is less than 10 years old), see ten-year business insurances
-Identity piece of sellers - Home insurance certificate for the property sold - Site plan (it locates the geographical position of the castle plot) - Ground plan (it locates the construction in relation to the property lines) - Plan of the rooms (it allows to understand the interior layout and the dimensions of each room) - Alignment notice if there is one - Energy performance diagnosis - Other real estate diagnostics - Certificate of town planning (CU), in case of remaining building rights - Certificate of completion when the house is less than 5 years old - Certificate from the Public Service for Non-Collective Sanitation (SPANC), in the event of a septic tank or micro-station - Boiler, septic tank or sweeping maintenance invoices - Invoices for major works - Energy (gas and electricity) and water bills - Invoices for furniture under warranty sold with the property

Are you in co-ownership? add all this

- Co-ownership regulations with description of the division and their amendments - Carrez law surface certificate - last 3 general assembly minutes - 3 last statements of co-ownership charges - Dated pre-condition (provided by the condominium manager) - Certificate of the trustee, dated less than a month - Global technical diagnosis of the building and building maintenance book - Summary sheet of the co-ownership By providing these documents or by identifying the missing ones that you or your real estate agent will have to ask for, you put yourself in a position to be able to sign a compromise quickly after marketing. You give your reference real estate agent all the information he needs to carry out his mission effectively. A little preparation effort that can make all the difference!

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