What to check before buying a house?

What to check before buying a house?

27 June 2022

Are you planning to buy a house in Collioure? Before you start, there are certain things to check imperatively to avoid the risk of being disappointed with your purchase. Discover the 12 points to check before buying a house .

1. The real estate market

The first thing to check when embarking on a real estate purchase in Collioure is to carry out a market study . By market research, we mean:

  • Compare the property you are considering to buy to similar properties on the market (on real estate agents' ads and showcases but also in individuals' real estate ads);
  • View data on price averages;
  • Analyze the statistics on the market (provided by the notary or the chamber of notaries) in which the property that you plan to buy is located.

This will allow us to estimate if the price of the property we are considering buying is fair.

2. The cost of the property

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Before you buying a house in Collioure it's important to know your budget and compare it with the price of the property you're considering. The budget includes your financial capacity but also your debt capacity. Knowing your budget will allow you to know whether your real estate project is feasible or not.

3. Costs associated with the purchase of the property

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To determine the feasibility of the project, you must estimate the precise cost of your purchase . Attention, the total cost of the purchase is different from the cost of the good! Indeed, costs will be added to the selling price of the house, which will increase the total cost of the acquisition:

  • Notary fees, which include registration fees (they can be estimated at the notary's office before the purchase): they represent 2 to 3% of the sale price for a new house and 8% for an old house;
  • The real estate agency's commission: it varies according to the agencies (in general, it represents between 5 and 10% of the sale price) and it is negotiable;
  • The property tax and the housing tax.

4. Condition of the property

Before buying a house or apartment apartment in Collioure it's important to look at the condition of the property. Organize a visit and a counter-visit and remember to ask all the questions. You must not forget any element:

  • The structural work (check the cracks)
  • The roof (check the tightness)
  • The frame and in particular the attic
  • The walls
  • The ceilings
  • Floor
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical installation
  • Heating systems (radiators, boilers, fireplaces, etc.)

5. The environment of the property

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Before buying a house in Collioure, it is also important to check that the environment of the property suits you. Environmental auditing means asking the following questions:

  • What is the reputation of the neighborhood?
  • Is the neighborhood noisy?
  • Is there any greenery or parks?
  • Is the land close to amenities (schools, nurseries, shops, hospital...)?
  • Is the home well exposed?
  • How is the neighborhood?

6. The mobile network and the internet

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Another point to check before buying accommodation in Collioure is the state of the mobile network and the internet. Arcep (the French regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts) provides a map of mobile networks with 3 levels according to operators: very good coverage, good coverage or limited coverage.

7. Real estate diagnostics

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Real estate diagnostics are not all mandatory , but it is important to check them if they have been made.

Indeed, this will allow you to see if there are important works to be done after the purchase, which is to be taken into account in the budget. For example, the DPE (energy performance diagnosis) can give you information on the state of the property's energy installations.

8. Insulation of the property

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The energy performance of the property is an important element to take into account before buying the house. Indeed, a house that is poorly insulated will cost you more to use because it will be more difficult to heat. New homes have an energy performance label of A, and older homes between B and G. We consider that from E, the housing is energy intensive.

9. Easements

Do not forget to find out about the existence of easements on your future land. Indeed, if there is a right of way on the land or a buried pipe belonging to the neighbor, it is important to know!

10. Legal and administrative defects

Before buying a home, you must check that it does not contain any legal and administrative defects . For example, if the previous owner did not declare major works such as the construction of a swimming pool or a veranda, or an extension of surface, and he did not obtain the legal authorizations, you you may have problems.
Read our article on undeclared swimming pools .

You will only be able to be compensated, in the event of problems, if you have noted the existing defects upon purchase of the property.

11. Town planning rules

Before buying a house in Collioure, especially if you plan to carry out renovation or extension work, find out first about the town planning rules in force in Collioure. Indeed, it would be a shame to buy the accommodation and to realize after the signing of the deed of sale that one cannot undertake its renovation work.

12. Urban projects

Finally, check whether the neighborhood or area in which the accommodation is located has plans for urbanization in the short or medium term. Indeed, this could completely change the environment of the accommodation, so it must be taken into account.


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