When is the right time to buy a property?

When is the right time to buy a property?

05 September 2023

You've taken the first step in considering the purchase of a property, but you're wondering: when is the right time to take the plunge? To answer this question, Paradise Immobilier, local real estate agency in Collioure takes a look at the various factors you need to consider to determine the ideal time to invest in the property of your dreams.

The influence of the seasons on real estate buying

Buying real estate is a major decision in anyone's life, and can be influenced by many factors, including the seasons. Depending on the time of year, supply, demand and prices can vary considerably.

Specific features of the spring real estate market

Spring is considered one of the best seasons to buy a property. There are several reasons for this perception:

  • Abundant supply and the start of family searches: at the end of winter, many properties come on the market, offering potential buyers a variety of options. What's more, families often prefer to plan their move for the end of the school year, so they start their search in the spring.
  • Pleasant weather conditions: spring offers abundant natural light. This allows buyers to better assess the brightness of interiors and check the condition of outdoor spaces (gardens, balconies, etc.).
  • Transaction time and summer relocation in perspective: by buying in spring, buyers generally have time to finalize the transaction and plan their move for the summer, a more convenient period for many households.

However, as a buyer, there are two effects to consider. If the market is full of goods, this can be advantageous, as prices will be lower. However, if demand outstrips supply, prices will tend to rise.

Summer market specifics

Summer can be a double-edged sword for real estate buyers. On the one hand, families are more inclined to sell or buy a new property during the school vacations to prepare for the new school year. This can be a more attractive offer for buyers.

On the other hand, the real estate market can slow down during this period. Many real estate professionals and sellers are on vacation, which can slow down the process. Some financial institutions may also be less active.

Buying opportunities in autumn

Autumn is a relatively strategic time to buy real estate. This period is often less competitive than previous months. After summer spending and back-to-school preparations, many buyers are taking a back seat, which means less competition on the market and more interesting buying opportunities.

The autumn period is therefore more favorable for negotiation. Sellers often show a greater willingness to discuss price in order to close their sales before the end of the year.

Winter buying opportunities

Winter, although characterized by less frequent real estate sales, offers advantages for buyers. At this time of year, owners receive fewer viewing requests, and consequently fewer purchase proposals, which limits competition.

Winter is also an ideal time to identify any defects in a property. Cold weather conditions put crucial aspects such as insulation, heating, roofing and humidity to the test. This allows buyers to make more accurate assessments of the property's condition, which can be advantageous during negotiations or final decisions.

Other determining factors in the purchasing decision

Other factors in the decision to buy real estate | Paradise Immobilier

Beyond market seasonality, other determining factors guide your purchasing decision and influence your financial future. These include three specific factors: mortgage rates, price per m² and government policies.

The impact of mortgage rates

The mortgage rates are the percentages that borrowers pay to banks to borrow money to buy a property. These rates play a central role in the purchasing decision and have an impact on the total cost of acquisition.

Low lending rates can make borrowing more affordable with attractive interest rates, which can encourage many buyers to take the plunge.

On the other hand, when mortgage rates are high, borrowing costs rise. Buyers are then forced to lower their expectations or opt for less expensive properties to stay within their budget. High interest rates can discourage demand in the real estate market.

The role of the average price per m²

The average price per m² is an essential indicator for assessing the value of a property. It varies considerably depending on the location, size and condition of the property. Understanding the dynamics of prices per m² in the region of your choice is essential to assess whether a property represents an opportunity or not.

Government policies and their consequences

Government real estate decisions, such as purchase incentive programs or tax changes, can stimulate or slow sales, influence prices and shape people's purchasing decisions. A concrete example appeared at the end of 2016 in France. At the time, borrowing rates were historically low, thanks in part to government measures to stimulate the real estate market. These low rates have reduced borrowing costs for buyers, encouraging them to invest in real estate. This measure has been a major driver of increased real estate sales and market activity.

The buyer's personal situation

The buyer's financial and professional stability is a decisive factor in ensuring the success and longevity of his real estate investment. It determines its ability to cover initial costs:

  • Down payment,
  • Notary and agency fees,
  • Mortgage payments,
  • Property taxes,
  • Maintenance costs,
  • Etc.

Solid financial and professional stability ensures that the buyer can maintain a stable income, honor financial commitments and commit to a long-term real estate investment.

Tourist areas: different dynamics

Tourist areas offer a unique real estate dynamic, with seasons influencing the market. Winter offers opportunities for negotiation and exploration, while summer brings excitement and increased demand.

Winter, a quiet but strategic period

Winter can bring a sense of tranquility to tourist areas, while the season is in full swing in other regions. However, the importance of this period should not be underestimated. For buyers, winter is often the strategic time when the supply of real estate is most abundant. Sellers, anticipating the upcoming tourist season, sometimes put their properties on the market at attractive prices. It's an opportunity for buyers to negotiate advantageous prices or spot promising properties before demand increases with the arrival of summer.

Summer excitement and population growth

Summer is the peak season for tourist areas. Coastal regions, mountain resorts and popular destinations see their populations increase with the influx of tourists. This effervescence also influences the real estate market. Seasonal properties, such as vacation rentals, are in high demand, offering owners the opportunity to generate additional income. For buyers, this can mean "more competition for higher prices". However, it's also a time to fully appreciate the atmosphere and potential of a property, considering its appeal to holidaymakers.

Conclusion: Take your time and adapt to opportunities

Buying real estate is a complex project that requires thought and patience. Seasons, financial factors and local specificities interact to create an ever-changing landscape. Note that there is no ideal season for all buyers, but rather strategic times that vary according to personal situation and location.

From this perspective, flexibility and the ability to analyze the market according to personal needs are crucial. It's important to take your time, surround yourself with professionals and think carefully about your priorities and budget.

By navigating carefully, taking the time to understand these elements, and adapting to opportunities as they arise, buyers can achieve a fruitful and rewarding real estate investment.

Get the best advice for your purchase

To make a success of your real estate project, preparation and information are two essential steps. A trusted real estate agency such as Paradise Immobilier will support you from A to Z.


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