You haven’t sold? Take stock of the price with your agent!
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You haven’t sold? Take stock of the price with your agent!

13 December 2021
A real estate sale is often the prelude to a life project. A project that can be affected if the sale does not materialize as quickly as you would like. Months go by and nothing happens? Do not hesitate to take stock with your real estate agent!

Real estate sales: multiple tasks

Is your property not selling? Do not think that your agency does not take care of it! Each mandate costs between € 1,200 and € 1,800 for the brand which is responsible for its marketing. It is indeed the cost of activated marketing materials, insurance and working time carried out by the professional who was responsible in particular for the estimation, the shots, the writing of announcements, the broadcasts and the visits. . A cost high enough that an agency cannot afford to neglect even the slightest mandate!

Is your property still for sale? Inquire!

Do you have doubts ? Ask your Collioure real estate agent to provide you with a summary of the work carried out on your house for sale . You will probably be surprised at how many times it has been presented to potential buyers. One thing is clear: a multi-presented property that does not necessarily have a problem. Whatever the nature of the latter, state of presentation or nuisance for example, the latter can be circumvented by an adaptation of the sale price. A good regains its attractiveness when its display price takes into account its strengths, but also its weaknesses as well as the evolution of the market.

Give your property a boost

Despite everything, nothing happens? No visit or very little? In a market made dynamic by particularly attractive borrowing rates, a low or even zero number of visits inevitably indicates a price problem. In real estate, the adage rightly asserts that “everything sells for the right price”! Did your real estate agent provide you with an appraisal? Did you respect it at the time of the conclusion of the mandate? Isn't it time to update it? In any case, it is time to contact your real estate agent to consider a price reduction to boost the attractiveness of your property. Take the opportunity to redo a series of photos and to review the description of the ad. A new award, new photos and highlighting its main assets could finally make the difference!
Also pay attention to the type of mandate! You may have opted for a simple mandate: a freedom that comes at the cost of less efficiency. An exclusive or semi-exclusive mandate selling three times faster, it is in your interest to change the formula with your real estate agent.
Real estate remains a complex market and its marketing a subtle art. The sale is on a case-by-case basis. Certainly subjective, but very real factors can influence the attractiveness of a property. The only solution to make it happen despite everything? Be accompanied by a specialist like Côte Vermeille and Paradise International Real Estate who will help you set the right price that will find buyers.

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