7 tips for successful home visits

7 tips for successful home visits

01 December 2023

You've decided to put your house in Collioure or another town in France on the market? Successful visits are the secret to closing a sale. Paradise Immobilier, your Collioure real estate agency, has compiled its essential tips for maximizing the impact of every visit.

Tip no. 1: Check the property beforehand

A successful real estate visit requires not only that the property be attractive, but also that it be in good condition. This includes the electrical system, heating, plumbing and other important equipment.

Consider the location of your home from every angle. Does it offer easy access to public transport? Is it close to quality schools? Are there any leisure options nearby? These factors can be strong points when staging your property.

Tip 2: The importance of first impressions

First impressions are often the most decisive. Before opening your home to visitors, make sure it's spotless. This goes beyond simple cleaning: consider home staging to highlight the assets of each room. Eliminate the superfluous, depersonalize the space, and keep the decor neutral and attractive.

Tip 3: Plan your visits

Planning real estate visits | Paradise Immobilier

The key to a successful visit is careful planning. Timing is everything, and choosing the right moment can make all the difference.

  • Choose the right time of day: observe beforehand how daylight plays with your space. If your home or main room faces south or east, the mornings will enhance the natural light. Conversely, for west-facing homes, afternoon visits will be more strategic.
  • Avoid saturation: too many visits can discourage potential buyers. The shorter the time slots, the more visitors will be able to take their time and better appreciate the features of your home.
  • Consider weekdays: weekends are often the best time to visit, but weekdays are also important. Some people have flexible schedules and may be available for a spontaneous visit. It also broadens your potential audience.

Tip 3: Plan your home tour

A well-orchestrated visit is more likely to win over potential buyers. Create a logical itinerary that highlights your property's strong points: architectural features, finishes, practicalities, etc.

For example, start with the living room, highlighting features such as light and open space. Next, guide them to the kitchen, then the bedrooms, the bathroom and finally the outdoor area. If it's empty, explain how it can be used, whether for relaxing, gardening or entertaining guests.

Real estate storytelling is essential for creating an emotional connection with visitors. Don't hesitate to highlight the history of your home, its evolution and the improvements you've made to it. Whether it's a major kitchen renovation, the addition of a terrace, or the transformation of an unused space into a functional room, every improvement contributes to the overall value of the home.

Tip 4: Interact with visitors

Talk to a potential home buyer? Paradise Real Estate

Interacting with visitors can convince them that your home is the right place for them. Be cordial from the outset. Be prepared to answer questions in an informative and positive way, and make yourself available without being intrusive. If they mention concerns, always respond honestly and objectively, with constructive solutions.

Tip 5: Use technology

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and this has never been truer in real estate. Photos account for 7 times more visits to a real estate ad, and it only takes a few seconds to capture attention. Make sure they're high-quality, well-lit and show off your home's highlights.

360° virtual tours are a great way to make the experience more immersive. Potential buyers can scrutinize every room in your property and project themselves into it, without even being there. You can also showcase your home's assets using digital tools. For example, videos showing the garden layout or interactive plans can arouse additional interest among buyers.

Tip 6: Follow-up after the visit

Post-visit follow-up creates an ongoing connection with visitors, reinforces their interest and can even be the decisive factor in their purchasing decision. By remaining accessible, attentive and proactive, you increase your chances of making a successful sale.

Visitor feedback can refine your sales approach. Visitors often reveal concerns that could be resolved, features that have captured their attention, or aspects of the property that might require further enhancement. By incorporating this information into your approach, you can maximize your chances of satisfying the expectations of future visitors.

Tip 7: The power of real estate portals

In addition to physical visits, don't underestimate the importance of online real estate portals like Seloger. Make sure your property is properly represented on these platforms, with clear photos and an accurate description. Many potential buyers make their first selections online, so maximize the visibility of your property. Update information regularly and be responsive to any questions from interested parties. Real estate portals can considerably expand your audience and increase your chances of finding the right buyer for your home.

Visiting a property requires real estate expertise and impeccable interpersonal skills. It's important to check that the property is attractive in every respect: price, condition and location. Contact us today to make your Collioure real estate project a success.

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