Legal news – Co-ownership and Alur law

Legal news – Co-ownership and Alur law

13 December 2021


 Co-ownership, apartment sale
The FNAIM and Conseil Supérieur du Notariat are jointly committed to reforming article 54 of the ALUR law. The Federation and the Council assume that "the pre-dated" is an extra-legal document without a legal basis, and that it therefore simply does not exist for co-ownership. The common proposal concerns: - a simplifying text for the delivery of documents which can be done on any medium and by any means, including by a dematerialized process, provided that the purchaser accepts it; - a simplifying text for the sale of accessory lots (cellars, attics, storage rooms, etc.) for which certain documents will no longer be required (the minutes of the last three general meetings, the maintenance book, the DTG, etc.); - A simplifying text which refers to appendix 1, which fixes the financial statement after the last distribution of charges, to justify the overall statement of unpaid charges within the union and the debt vis-à-vis the suppliers. This simplification, requested and expected for co-ownership, both by consumers and by real estate professionals and notaries, should be published very soon in the Official Journal in an ordinance relating to the simplification of the terms of information for buyers of lots of joint ownership. The law relating to the simplification of life for companies of December 20, 2014 had already, it should be remembered, abolished the obligation to attach a certificate containing the mention of the living area, in addition to the area of the private part of the lot. sold. apartment sale, house sale, sale of condominium real estate, a blog proposed by Chris, Agence Paradise Sorede International Realty real estate specialists in Collioure, Sorede, Argeles sur mer Find other articles on the legal news of Real Estate Agencies of the Cote vermeille and Paradise Real Estate

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