Collioure: authenticity and conviviality to discover
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Collioure: authenticity and conviviality to discover

13 December 2021
Small port of the Côte Vermeille, Collioure offers one of the most beautiful destinations on the French Mediterranean coast. Built in an exceptional natural setting, the Catalan city has retained all of its authenticity. Its incomparable heritage, its pleasant climate and its art of living make it one of the wonders of the South.

Collioure, a destination within easy reach

Collioure is located in the Pyrénées-Orientales department. The town extends 30 km south of Perpignan and 25 km from the Spanish border. It is easily accessible from Perpignan-Rivesaltes airport, from the mainline SNCF network or even by the A9 motorway. It is even possible to get to Collioure by sea from Argelès-sur-Mer and Port-Vendres. A pleasant way to discover its superb port, its buildings and its monuments.

Collioure, A long and eventful history

We find mention of a stronghold in Collioure as early as 673 AD! There is no doubt that the natural coastal shelter formed by nature in these places very early on attracted sailors and fishermen. The counts of Roussillon, the kings of Aragon, the kings of Mallorca, Spain and France have over the centuries disputed the possession of Collioure. Rivalries which led to the fortification of the city and the port. From Emperor Charles V who reinforced the city's fortifications and built Fort Saint-Elme, to Vauban who modernized his defensive system, Collioure was the focus of attention. In the 19th century, the city experienced a great economic boom linked to the expansion of anchovy fishing and viticulture.
Collioure inspires artists However, it was the arrival of Henri Matisse and André Derain that would change the destiny of the village. The two precursors of Fauvism, who came to Collioure to take advantage of the region's incomparable light, will give this city an unprecedented artistic dimension.

Collioure, authenticity and an art of living preserved

The royal castle at the entrance to the port, the fort of Saint-Elme on the heights, the church of Notre-Dame-des-Anges, but also the quays, the fishermen's houses and the winding streets of the heart of the city seem to sheltered from the passage of time. The medieval city has crossed the centuries to invite us today on a journey through time. Collioure is also one of those popular destinations where discovery and culture mingle with a sweetness of life. Collioure has not denied its Catalan heritage imbued with conviviality. The one-day visitor, the holidaymaker or even the long-established one will always find an excellent welcome in Collioure. One more reason and not the least to consider renting or even buying an apartment or a house.

Call on the local real estate reference

Local reference in real estate, the agency Paradise Collioure International Real estate  knows all the complexity of the market in Collioure. Without reaching the records of other coastal destinations, prices per m² are high there: supply is limited and demand sustained by foreign buyers. In 50 years of existence, the Côte Vermeille agency has developed real expertise to support buyers or even people looking for a rental in Collioure. A market that requires a little patience, but which offers a unique living environment upon arrival. At the first contact, the Côte Vermeille agency will set up personalized support to help you make your project a reality under the best conditions. At the foot of the Pyrenees and on the shores of the Mediterranean, Collioure offers an absolutely exceptional living and living environment. Its pleasant climate all year round, its cultural animation, its artistic culture and its conviviality make it a unique destination not to be overlooked when buying a second home or even accommodation for the elderly.

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