News on the sale of houses Collioure

News on the sale of houses Collioure

13 December 2021
Sale houses Collioure: You want to know more about the sale of houses in Collioure, take a few minutes to read our article

Which houses are Collioure 66190 for sale?

If the typical village houses make the reputation of Collioure, the real estate offer of the famous city of painters is fortunately not limited to these rare and expensive goods! Contemporary villas and pavilions can also be negotiated around the village.

The fisherman's house with sea view: the colliourenc property par excellence for Collioure houses for sale

Among the houses for sale in Collioure 66190, properties in the heart of the village and on the edge of the magnificent Côte Vermeille are both the most expensive and the rarest. This is all the more the case when the property for sale offers exceptional services such as the presence of a small garden, an interior courtyard or a beautiful terrace with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Very popular, a fisherman's house in Collioure can be sold in just a few days as long as it meets a few specific criteria: preserved cachet, typical Catalan architecture and immediate proximity to the relaxed lifestyle of the old village with its many cafes, bars. , restaurants and shops. An irresistible charm which of course has the counterpart of smaller surfaces and a high price per square meter.

Villas and pavilions in Collioure: the advantages of the outskirts

You want, for your future main or secondary residence, to benefit from large rooms, a garage or a pleasure garden with a plunging view on the Côte Vermeille? In this case, the villas for sale in Collioure and around the village should correspond more to your selection criteria: whether it is architect-designed houses benefiting from all the modern comforts or even new construction projects with off-plan sales, the heights of Collioure are full of exceptional properties and great real estate opportunities. For a price equivalent to old houses in the city center, you gain space and comfort. However, for this to happen, you have to agree to move away from the center of the village: spacious and well-equipped houses are indeed very rare within a ten-minute walk of the historic heart of Collioure! In the end, and whatever your personal preferences, the acquisition of a house in Collioure requires a larger budget than in other neighboring villages of the Pyrénées-Orientales. The very special quality of life offered by the town and its rich cultural and artistic heritage comes at a price.

Guaranteed profitability in the event of seasonal rental: Sale houses Collioure

The price level of houses or villas in Collioure 66190 is however offset by the tourist attractiveness of the city, which offers very good opportunities for seasonal rentals. An excellent way to amortize a second home purchased in Collioure more quickly! Concretely, it is very easy to offer the property concerned for rent for a weekend or a week, and this all year round! The reputation of Collioure makes it possible to practice rents that are 30% higher than in certain surrounding seaside resorts, while ensuring a high occupancy rate. Seasonal tenants in Collioure, often very attached to the town, also tend to book for extended stays, for periods two to three times longer than elsewhere. The extent and diversity of the offer in terms of house sales in Collioure allow everyone to find the property of their dreams in the heart of Catalan country and on the shores of the Mediterranean. The Paradise Collioure International Real Estate agency assists you with any purchase or sale project. Collioure house for sale, An Article from the Blog of the Cote Vermeille Agencies group. All real estate in Collioure, Argelès-sur-mer and Sorède in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Find on our website all the sale houses Collioure66190, sale of villas, village houses for sale on the 66 and real estate advertisements: Purchase, Sale, Rental. Keep up to date with real estate advertisements for the sale of houses in Collioure and the Côte Vermeille on our Real Estate Blog. See also other articles on Collioure: the fires of Saint-Jean. Find a good real estate agency in Collioure

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