Why buy his house in Sorede 66690?

Why buy his house in Sorede 66690?

13 December 2021

Pyrénées-Orientales (department 66) Where to buy? Where to rent? Do you know Sorède and the Albères region?

Recognized and reputable real estate agents in the Albères and Sorède sector, our customers often ask us “But where to buy, where to live on the 66? Which is the best sector? Where is it good to live in this magnificent corner of the South of France? ". Our answer: renting or buying a house in Sorède in the Pyrénées-Orientales, it wins you over! With 60 years of experience in PO real estate, the Côte Vermeille and Paradise International Real Estate Agencies can advise you on the best areas in the heart of Roussillon to buy or rent your house or apartment. A real estate project turns out to be a lifestyle choice. For us real estate professionals, before thinking about a house, it is important to think about a place to live: choose a village, a corner of the Pyrénées-Orientales that will please and seduce you. In a nutshell, which suits you ... Whether you come here for work, vacation or to enjoy a peaceful and well-deserved retirement under the Catalan sun, the choice of the sector will not be the same! We will study your aspirations, your life choices, your commitments, your hobbies, your family or professional obligations ...

What about the Albères sector, between sea and mountains?

Buying a property in the Albères is definitely a lifestyle choice, and it also means opting for a very popular sector, considered to be top of the PO range. The Albères take their name from the mountains that separate our beautiful Catalan country from Spain. A corner of paradise between Argelès-sur-Mer and Le Boulou, where you will find villages backing onto the Pyrenees: Sorède 66690, Laroque-des-Albères 66740, Villelongue Dels Monts, Montesquieu des Albères and other towns in the background, biting on the Roussillonnaise plain like: Saint-André, Palau Del Vidre 66690, Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines 66740. Choosing to buy or rent a property in Sorède, or in Laroque in the Albères, is to opt for an ideal position in the PO, 15 minutes from the sea: the superb seaside resort of Argelès-sur -Sea and its kilometers of fine sandy beach stretch out its arms to you, as does the romantic and picturesque fishing village of Collioure, a true pearl of the Mediterranean, city of artists par excellence ... Buying or renting in the Albères also means settling down just 30 minutes from Spain and Perpignan, 2 ideal destinations for shopping, fine dining, Catalan culture ...

What can I tell you about these villages with a Catalan accent?

Montesquieu, Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines, Saint-André… How do you describe them? The Albères cannot be described! They discover each other, appreciate each other, love each other ... For me, Sorède, Villelongue Dels Monts and Le Boulou, at the foot of the Albères, are like “Prévert”: magnificent landscapes that sing, mountains of a hypnotic green! Les Albères is also “Pagnol”… Yes, Pagnol! Do you remember the landscapes of my mother's castle? Of the glory of my father? This always sunny hinterland, the cicadas, the typical villages, the water sources in the heart of the mountains and the maquis, the small rivers, and its jovial inhabitants with such a southern accent ... This is how I see this corner of the Pyrénées-Orientales. In the Albères, time seems to have stood still. Everything is peaceful and calm, as if the mountains imposed on the entire region and on “Chronos” a rhythm of its own, far from the tumult of the cities. Buying a house or an apartment in the Albères means taking advantage of this gentle harmony, a source of well-being and regeneration, while being very close to the Big Blue or Perpignan, the Catalan capital. The Albères are unique today in that they offer an idyllic location, a calm place where life is good and where one feels safe. The British are not mistaken! Great discoverers of the most wonderful corners of our beautiful France, they are very present in this privileged area, to acquire a small "pied à terre", a village house, a villa with swimming pool or even a luxurious property with a view of the mountains. ..
Our Real Estate Agency in Sorède, Paradise International Real Estate,
Establishes itself as the ideal partner for your search for a property to buy or rent in the Albères, whether it is to live there year round or for a second home for vacationing. And if really the Catalan village of Sorède was not for you, you can find out about real estate for sale in Collioure (Apartments or houses) on our Blog Whether you are looking for a house for sale in Sorède, a villa for sale in Laroque-des-Albères, an apartment in Saint-André, a building plot in Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines, a luxury property in Montesquieu, or you want to spend your holidays in an idyllic setting in what the English rightly call the “REAL south of France” (French Catalonia, The Real South of France), our real estate advisers are at your disposal. They know the industry better than anyone. I would even be tempted to tell you "Pagnol" style that they know every nook and cranny, the smallest stones and trails! They will know how to tell you about the country better than me and can direct you to the property and the village that suits you best if you are tempted by this Catalan way of life...
In a hectic world in crisis, where the fashion is for the Zen attitude, spa centers, massages and other wellness programs, opt for the "Albères Attitude"!
Buy your house there or rent your apartment there! Here it is the entire region, from the bowels of the Catalan earth to the tops of our blessed mountains, which display the feng shui spirit. The entire Albères sector seems to be bathed in positive telluric waves… Do not hesitate to come and meet us to talk about your real estate project in the 66, because as we say back home: "To whom is good life, here it is good to live…" Find all of our properties for sale and for rent in the Pyrénées-Orientales, our annual rentals and our vacation rentals on the website of the Agencies of the Côte Vermeille (Argelès-Plage and Argelès-Village offices) / Paradise International Real Estate (Collioure and Sorède firm): For English speakers and Britons, to buy or rent in Sorède, buy maison sorede, for our welcome English speakings clients visit our uk version property web site: Buy house Sorède , villas for sale Sorède, sale of houses in Sorède 66690, a blog published by Chris Agence Paradise Collioure International Real Estate. Version française available, houses and properties for sale in Sorède France, Sorède rentals on our new property blog.

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