Investing Argeles Collioure: where to make a rental investment?

Investing Argeles Collioure: where to make a rental investment?

13 December 2021
Investing in Argeles Collioure: Buying a rental property on the Côte Vermeille, on the Pyrénées-Atlantiques coast, is a guarantee of year-round appeal and profitability. But should you set your sights on Collioure or Argelès-sur-Mer? Each has a very distinct personality, and its own strengths. Talk to your local real estate agency !

Charm and authenticity: the Collioure advantage

Buyers looking for the typical charm of a southern village, cradled by the sun and the waves of the Mediterranean, can turn without hesitation to the beautiful Collioure. With less than 3,000 inhabitants a year, the town offers its permanent or temporary residents a true haven of peace and serenity, in the shade of its sheltered cove and its famous royal castle. Argelès-sur-Mer also has many typical streets in its old center, and exceptional properties. However, the atmosphere will be more modern and effervescent if you dream of a pied-à-terre on the shores of the Mediterranean: the district of Argelès-Plage indeed has the typical physiognomy of a popular seaside resort and many buildings and buildings. condominiums draw their silhouette on the coast.

Investing in Argeles Collioure :Property prices : advantages of Argelès-sur-mer

The city of Argelès-sur-mer, with 10,000 inhabitants per year, is distinguished by a rich and diversified real estate stock where second homes clearly dominate: the latter account for more than 61% of the total. housing. With around 14,600 housing units listed in the town, opportunities are numerous and frequent for investors looking for profitable products: the tourist dynamism of Argelès makes it possible in particular to generate a comfortable income from a seasonal rental throughout the summer period, and even well beyond. The variety and abundance of the offer contribute to the moderation of prices: the average price per square meter for the purchase of an apartment in Argelès was € 2,775 on December 1, 2018, and € 2,619 for a house. The average prices observed in Collioure, by way of comparison, are almost 40% higher.
Rents: some key figures The average rent for a two-room apartment in Argelès amounts to € 11.40 per month per square meter. For an equivalent property in Collioure, the same rent is only € 10.30. This is what will appeal to your tenants in search of sun.

Arts and culture: advantage Collioure

The small town of Collioure is nationally famous for the richness of its historical and architectural heritage: remarkable sites such as the royal castle, the fort Saint-Elme, the fort Dugommier and the Tour de l'Étoile contribute to forging a very specific Colliourencque identity. and imbued with pride. The unique landscapes of the town have also attracted several generations of artists including Jan Vakowskaï, Henri Vergé-Sarrat and many figures of the fauvist movement.

Investing Argeles Collioure: Equipment and activities: Argelès-sur-Mer advantage

Argelès-sur-Mer, because of its larger size, offers its inhabitants a larger range of services and activities. The Argelès-Village district is particularly renowned for its charm and the density of local shops, supplemented by a hypermarket at a convenient distance. The city is also characterized by the presence of a very large number of campsites open all year round or part of the year, and which can offer new prospects for investment in seasonal rentals. Festive and cultural news is also quite rich. In addition to the patronal feast of September 27 and the traditional New Year's Day fair, Argelès hosts a music festival every year (“Les Déferlantes”), but also a festival dedicated to the art of cinema in all its forms ( "Les Rencontres Cinémaginaires"). Transport networks: draw Argelès-sur-Mer and Collioure, neighbors, are both far from the A9 motorway connecting Perpignan to Spain, which contributes to the tranquility of the place. It takes about half an hour to reach the prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales from Collioure, a little further away, and 25 minutes from Argelès. Collioure provides an urban shuttle for trips around the city, while Argelès provides municipal transport by bus and small train via the TAM. Attractiveness, strong tourist potential… Both Argelès-sur-Mer and Collioure present undeniable assets in the eyes of a landlord. The network of Côte Vermeille agencies is at your disposal to guide you towards the most judicious strategy.

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