Real estate sales: what to do to sell your property more quickly?
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Real estate sales: what to do to sell your property more quickly?

13 December 2021
You have decided to sell your apartment or house, and you would like everything to go smoothly and quickly! If nothing is written in advance, it is quite possible to gather the ideal conditions to concretize as soon as possible. The real estate agency of Collioure Paradise International Real Estate give you six tips to sell quickly and well!

1) Sell your apartment or house: make a clean sweep

You no longer live in the accommodation? Do not hesitate to empty it completely. An operation which will simplify the legibility of the parts and the appreciation of the surfaces. Buyers will be able to position their own furniture more easily there. Do not hesitate to call on associations, such as "recycling", which intervene free of charge and recover furniture that you no longer need. Do you still live there? Lighten up each room a little by removing everything that is not essential in your daily life. A useful minimalism for the reading of the good.

2) Depersonalize your property

Frames, photos and knick-knacks: your home looks like you. Even if it is personal, an apartment or a house for sale in Collioure or in another town, should allow everyone to project themselves within its walls. To do this, it is imperative to depersonalize your property. Removing your too personal decorative objects from the visual field of the potential purchaser frees his mind. He imagines it much more easily.

3) Take care of the presentation

A property for sale must be presented in its best light. A good spring cleaning, regular maintenance and a brief cleaning before each visit will give your house or apartment a shine. Calling on a home staging may sometimes be necessary. Do not hesitate to get help from an expert: the result can make all the difference. When you have an exterior, do not neglect the latter: the potential buyer can arrive by the garden if this is the configuration of your house, or if it has children. It's best to make a good first impression.

4) Set the right price, no more and no less

The sale of a property is based on the law of supply and demand. A market determined by national and local jurisdictions. Only a trained real estate agent with knowledge of the local market can set a realistic price. The latter will provide you with an assessment of the market value of your property at time T: respect it! The price is the basis for the attractiveness of the property. To be too greedy is undoubtedly to obstruct all chances of selling quickly. Don't be fooled by the selling price of peer-to-peer ads on the web. The vast majority of these owners overcharge their property! Ask your real estate agent to show you the amounts of sales actually made for equivalent properties in your neighborhood or town. Failing this, the real estate file of the tax administration, which can be consulted in your private area on, allows you to know the exact prices of sales duly registered by the latter in your city. Take advantage, it's free!

5) Choose the right agency

Selling quickly also involves choosing the right brand! There are many physical and dematerialized real estate agencies, but not all of them are created equal. We cannot advise you enough to choose the physical agency that is the reference in your sector. The seniority of an agency is a sign of its know-how and its mastery of the market.

6) Opt for exclusivity

All the statistics prove it, an exclusive or even semi-exclusive mandate sells three times faster than its simple equivalent. This mandate offers your real estate agent all the means to fulfill his mission. The agency's marketing expenses for an exclusive mandate are maximum, and your property benefits from optimal visibility. This mandate, which commits you to a single agency, is valid for 1 year and can be terminated at any time after 3 months. The realization of a real estate sale will be all the faster if its marketing is based on solid marketing bases. A property in its best light, at the right price, valued and visible on all the media that matter, has every chance of finding a buyer quickly. In real estate as elsewhere, success is not a matter of chance!

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