Selling a property in Collioure: alone or through an agency?
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Selling a property in Collioure: alone or through an agency?

13 December 2021
Do you own a house or an apartment for sale in Collioure ? On the Côte Vermeille as elsewhere, the temptation to sell alone is very present, since the method saves the fees of a professional. However, the many peculiarities of the local market make the support of a real estate agency in Collioure invaluable.

Collioure: a highly coveted real estate market

Based on an initial analysis of the market, a well-informed seller might be a little quick to conclude that signing a mandate with a real estate agency in Collioure is both unnecessary and expensive. It is easy to see that the houses, villas and apartments of this superb seaside city are the object of all the covetousness of buyers of all profiles, sometimes coming from far away to afford their dream of a second home in the sun. The tightness of the local real estate market tends to drive up prices. At the start of 2020, the square meter of a house was still trading at € 4,117 on average, while the square meter of an apartment exceeded the € 3,800 mark. Sellers are therefore in a strong position, and tempted to sell quickly and free of charge by posting a simple online ad with a few photographs. But are things that simple?

Box: More than three months on average to sell in Collioure!

The scarcity and high valuation of prestigious properties in Collioure make sellers all the more cautious and wait-and-see. The average time to sell in the town is no less than 96 days, which is enough to test the patience of the most optimistic seller.

Selling alone in Collioure: a risky bet

In a context of strong demand, sellers who choose to do without a real estate agency in Collioure will always end up selling. The real risk lies in the fact of not selling at the right price, and potentially giving up a considerable share of added value by ignoring the specificities of the local market. Few of the Colliourenc owners realize the extent to which the valuation of a local property can vary according to the district, or even from one end of the same street to the other. A charming house in the heart of Mouré will of course benefit from a higher valuation because of its enviable location, but it is particularly difficult for a self-taught seller to estimate the amount himself. From Val Saint-Elme to Taillefer, and from Ambeille to Soulane, the problem is exactly the same: how to estimate the right price for your house or apartment without making a mistake? The comparison with equivalent goods on the market provides the beginnings of an answer, but remains insufficient, both because of the low volume of transactions in the village and the sometimes considerable difference between the displayed selling price and the final selling price. at the notary.

Box: In Collioure, the price variations are impressive.

The incredible range of real estate prices in Collioure has few equivalents in France. If we are interested in extremes, it appears that the square meter of a residential property in the village can start at 2,000 € and reach… up to 9,000 €! Under these conditions, it is difficult to assess yourself without relying on a local professional.

What are the advantages of a real estate agency in Collioure ?

Beyond the only risk linked to a bad initial estimate, the signing of a mandate of sale within a real estate agency in Collioure brings a welcome serenity throughout the transaction. Almost two thirds of the real estate in the municipality are second homes, which means that their owners will be able to count on an essential local intermediary to ensure the promotion of their property and support visitors. Sell alone or in an agency? While the person-to-person transaction has undeniable advantages for the most adventurous and available sellers, resorting to a real estate agency in Collioure remains the best option to sell quickly and at the right price. Sources:

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