6 good reasons to favor a real estate purchase in an agency

6 good reasons to favor a real estate purchase in an agency

13 December 2021
Looking to buy a property ? You have two options: deal with an individual or go through an agency. Almost 7 out of 10 buyers choose to go to a professional, and they are quite right. Here are 6 good reasons why future buyers prefer to go through the door of a local real estate agency .

1. Well-targeted visits

Using a real estate agent will help identify your expectations and constraints. Used to this exercise, this professional will be able to help you prioritize your criteria between needs and preferences. In less than an hour, your transaction advisor will draw up a precise robot portrait of your future apartment or house which will help him target the products that really suit you.

2. A wider research scope

In perfect knowledge of his sector, the real estate agent will help you to geographically orient your research. Commercial fabric, schools, infrastructure, public transport, atmosphere, exhibition ... its mastery of each district and each village will define a precise and relevant research perimeter. Very often, it enlightens you on the qualities of a town or a neighborhood that you had not initially considered.

3. Properties chosen according to your budget

Who says acquisition, says budget! Knowing the local market to perfection, your real estate agent will present you with a realistic selection of properties, that is to say compatible with your budget. Properties that his expertise has enabled him to value at the right price, no more and no less. It is the assurance of not approaching a possible negotiation on the basis of an abnormally high price. On the balance sheet, despite his fees duly earned, the real estate agent allows you most of the time to acquire your future address at a more attractive price than if you had dealt directly with the seller.

4. Full transparency on the goods purchased

When taking out any sales mandate a real estate agent has all the statutory diagnostics carried out. A real health record for the house or apartment concerned, these will enlighten you on its general condition. When the property is in co-ownership, the information collated with the trustee will enlighten you on the decisions taken at a general meeting. The real estate agent thus gives you all the elements allowing you to inform your decision and to adjust your possible purchase proposal.

5. Advice on the possibilities of your purchase

Mastering his product, the real estate agent knows all the possibilities for development or transformation. He will be able to present you goods which, with some work, will meet all your non-negotiable criteria while respecting your budget. It opens doors for you that you wouldn't have thought of pushing on your own.

6. Administrative formalities are no longer a concern

Real estate remains subject to a complex and changing legal and fiscal framework. Trained and attentive to these questions, your real estate agent advises you and accompanies you until the handing over of your keys. In permanent contact with your notary and the town planning department of the town hall concerned, it facilitates a rapid signing of the sales agreement and a serene progress towards the authentic deed. Available and educator, he explains each step and each process. You know where you are going, how and why! Whether it is about finding your home or making a rental investment, buying real estate involves important emotional and financial issues. The real estate agent brings you unparalleled efficiency and security in a person-to-person transaction!

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