Buy apartment Collioure

Buy apartment Collioure

13 December 2021
buy apartment Collioure ... Are you looking on the shores of the Mediterranean, the city that will definitely seduce you for your second home or your old age? Why not take the path to the Pyrénées-Orientales, in the south of France, the sun, the hypnotic blue sea, the song of the cicadas, the Catalan-style idleness ...  Buying an apartment in Collioure can be the solution to finally make your Mediterranean dream come true! To find the apartment of your dreams and buy in the old village or on the hills, visit the website of the real estate agency Paradise, the N ° 1 agency of the Côte Vermeille.

buy apartment Collioure: a medieval and friendly atmosphere

In Collioure, no large concrete complexes! Authenticity reigns in every quarter of this Catalan port. Royal Castle, the Fort of Saint-Elme, but also the Mill and Notre-Dame-des-Anges and its famous Bell Tower, have watched over the small port for centuries. The facades of the old town, sometimes of stone or ocher plaster, lean over a maze of winding streets that converge on pretty squares where a unique Catalan art of living is cultivated. Time flies like nowhere else. Buying an apartment in Collioure can make you the happy owners in an old town where conviviality is king and where the purchase of a baguette on the corner of the street can in an instant turn into a pleasant morning around a coffee in comment on the news with the neighbors! The apartments for sale in Collioure in the old village whether "  in the city »As we say here, i or in the famous Faubourg district, have this indelible imprint of time… Dwellings steeped in history, wars, bell tower quarrels, places full of life… Here in Collioure reigns a unique atmosphere in the world, time seems frozen .... Nowhere in the south of France you will not find such an atmosphere, such charm .... You will also find modern apartments if you prefer comfort to authenticity, but whatever the bottle, you will find drunkenness with every step you take in the alleys, by the sea ......

An exceptional setting and climate: buy apartment Collioure

Nestled in the hollow of a pretty cove, the port of Collioure is located on the Côte Vermeille, where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean. The coast is rocky, the slopes rise quickly and the most beautiful beaches are legion: a country of character that can be savored at every step. The climate mild in winter and hot in summer is exceptionally sunny. A sun that illuminates the warm facades of Collioure, the brown rock of the heights and monuments, and the emerald waves of the sea. A setting and a perfect light which, from the 19th century, inspired the greatest painters and photographers of their time. Under the brushes of Matisse and Derain, fauvism was born on the quays of Collioure! Even today, the city attracts many artists and cultural events take place there all year round. Do not expect to find huge apartments for sale with oversized terraces, whether it is the military who lived in these places, the anchovy fishermen of the early 20th century, the artists, all were not very fortunate ... dwellings were above all a shelter, the places of life were the alleys of the village, the Boramar, the Tribunal, the Boutiguier… Everything happened outside and even today that has not changed. an old property, in the center of Collioure, with a sea view, with a garage, a terrace, just a small pied-à-terre in a fisherman's house ... It doesn't matter first of all you are going to buy Collioure, first of all you are going to treat yourself to moments of history, moments of Color, moments of plenitude, sun… You are going to give yourself a new life, a vacation full of memories…

buy apartment Collioure: a very popular city

From the point of view of the price per m², Collioure remains quite affordable when compared to other upscale destinations on the French coast or to certain districts of Paris or Lyon. The preservation of this idyllic setting limits, and it is very fortunate, new constructions. Known internationally, Collioure attracts many foreign buyers. An appeal that extends the search time. Buying an apartment in Collioure requires a little patience! But accompanied by our Côte Vermeille real estate agency, a real benchmark in the Pyrénées-Orientales, you are putting the odds in your favor.
What price in Collioure? Count between 2,500 and 5,700 € / m² for the purchase of an apartment in Collioure. A large difference between the most expensive apartments with sea view and those in more remote residences, although this adjective is very relative to Collioure. A beautiful, very authentic T3 of 50 m² is displayed for example for less than € 200,000.00. A very reasonable price! But beware there are some streets in old Collioure where the prices of apartments per M² are close to 10 000 €… Obviously we are talking about exceptional apartments with their feet in the water with a view of the sea, the church but also with a certain amount of sunshine…
If few homes have a terrace or a garden, do not despair! Here, life is lived outside. As is often the case along the Mediterranean coast, the surface matters less than the location. A good real estate agent will be able to attract the sellers of the moment and make you take advantage of the opportunities. An authentic apartment in the old town, a more recent apartment in the suburbs and why not, if you are lucky, an apartment in a fisherman's house on the quays! Buying an apartment in Collioure, whether as a personal residence or as a rental investment, is THE good idea! Between its sweetness of life and its highly sought-after rental market, your home will be a good purchase from every point of view.Once you have settled in Collioure in your apartment, you will realize that you have passed an inter-dimensional door, you will feel you in the time of Pagnol, of the Castle of my Mother, of Marius, of the Sinners, but all this under the colors and the Catalan accent.

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