Buying a house in Collioure: what steps?

Buying a house in Collioure: what steps?

13 December 2021
It's decided, you are going to buy a house in Collioure! So over to you the sea, the blue sky, the pretty winding streets and Catalan life. As gratifying as this project is, it is a real estate investment that should be carried out methodically. Collioure has a relatively complex real estate market with high demand for a reduced supply. Here is how to proceed to complete your project without a hitch.

Meet your bank advisor

Acquisition price, notary fees, renovation work and moving, everything must be taken into account upstream. Important decision due to its financial stakes,  buying a house in Collioure is budgeted with a professional: your banking advisor or a specialized broker. In light of your personal and financial data, it is a question of establishing the budget that you can devote to this purchase. Your contact person will also be able to support the financing with a credit proposal if necessary. A first approach which will allow you later to play the competition between the various lending establishments. Figures in hand, you will be able to correctly orient the research on the spot and approach the salespeople with increased credibility.
What is the average price per m² in Collioure? With an average price per m² of € 3,500,  buying a house in Collioure requires a certain budget, although it is still more reasonable than that required in other seaside destinations.

Choose the right real estate agency

In a market as complex as that of Collioure, it is better to be accompanied by a good partner to hope to find the house of your dreams within a reasonable time! At 36 bis rue de la Démocratie in Collioure, is our Paradise agency: beyond the beautiful blue facade, you will find an attentive ear. Reference of real estate in Collioure, our agency welcomes you from Monday to Saturday (inclusive) from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. A transaction advisor will listen to your needs, your constraints, your preferences and take into account your budget to consider solutions with you in terms of type of product, district and level of services. By precisely determining the possible living space, the size of the land, the distance from the sea, the minimum number of bedrooms, your real estate agent will be able to offer you a selection of properties already in the portfolio or to start research of the one who will know how to fill you.
Be open to suggestions As all real estate agents know, the "crush" does not always strike where their clients initially expected it. Trust your local market expert: his knowledge of Collioure may make him suggest a visit to a neighborhood or type of property that you were not considering. And it may well become your new address!

Buy a house in Collioure: know how to concede and plan!

Your real estate agent will endeavor to present you with homes that meet your criteria. It is rare that all are gathered! Some criteria must be admitted as secondary to others, especially when these expectations can be met over time by making adjustments. Don't miss out on your dream home for an aging interior design that can be changed or a missing pool that can be built. Get attached to the neighborhood atmosphere and the soul of the house. Imagine what you could do with it and the life you could lead in it. Between the beauty of the site and the character of its architectural heritage, Collioure has acquired international fame. An attractiveness which is not without consequences on the real estate market. By being accompanied by a local expert in this market, you multiply the chances of buying a house in Collioure: it would be a shame to do without!

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