Buying a house with a swimming pool in Collioure: what are the procedures?
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Buying a house with a swimming pool in Collioure: what are the procedures?

13 December 2021
Do you dream of a house with pool in Collioure ? A beautiful project that deserves special attention. How to find this property and what are the steps that await you? A real estate specialist answers you!

1- Define precisely your project of buying a house with a pool in Collioure

First of all, start by determining your budget and what are your criteria for this acquisition. Many houses with swimming pools are for sale in Collioure. These properties, in one of the most beautiful towns on the Mediterranean coast, are particularly sought after. The upstream definition of the project with your banker and your real estate agent will allow you to target the opportunities of the moment and to position yourself quickly, but calmly, at your heart's stroke! In addition to the criteria relating to the house, do not hesitate to tell your real estate agent your expectations regarding the pool: type (traditional, shell, liner, etc.), dimensions, depth, filtration, etc.

2- Take into account the costs related to the swimming pool

Be careful, the presence of a swimming pool increases the sale price! For an equivalent budget, you may have to make some concessions on the living area or the size of the land to buy your house with a swimming pool. The maintenance of a swimming pool also has a cost to take into account. Likewise, its existence increases your future property tax.

3- Consult a real estate agent to accompany you

Real life project, real estate deserves professional support. This need is all the greater in a sector where supply is struggling to meet demand driven by international buyers. By discovering and refining your project, your real estate agent gets to know you and sets up personalized support to help you find the house with swimming pool in Collioure tailor-made for you!

4-Checks related to the swimming pool

Your real estate agent presents the ideal house with swimming pool in Collioure? Before positioning yourself, check the condition of the pool and its filtration system. Ask important questions about:
  • The year of construction.
  • The constructor.
  • The safety device.
  • The legality of its installation.
The construction of an in-ground swimming pool must in fact be the subject, at a minimum, of a declaration of work to the town hall. If this has not been done, demand that the seller rectify the situation before signing the deed of sale. This request may constitute a condition precedent of sale. If in doubt about the condition or quality of the pool, request a follow-up visit with a professional who will be able to give you informed advice. Your real estate agent can direct you to a qualified pool specialist for this.

5-Knowing how to position yourself: how to formulate your offer to purchase?

You have carried out all the checks and you want to position yourself. Like any defect, a problem with the swimming pool can justify a negotiation or a condition precedent of sale. Concretely, you can ask for a reduction in price corresponding to the repairs necessary for the use and the durability of the swimming pool, or condition the realization of the sale to the execution of the work by the seller. A point to discuss with your real estate agent in Collioure, who is familiar with this type of negotiation and who will be able to offer you the best solution.

6-The compromise of sale concerning the purchase of a house with swimming pool

Whether drafted by the agency or your notary, the sales agreement or pre-sales contract must imperatively mention a possible condition precedent related to the swimming pool. Don't settle for a verbal agreement with the seller! The movable list which accompanies this compromise can, it, include material related to the swimming pool (robot, cover, deckchair…)! These are all items that you will not have to buy immediately. Furniture duly registered in the transaction, but not subject to transfer taxes which only apply to the building, that is to say the types of goods which cannot be moved.

7-The visit before transfer of ownership

In the hours leading up to the signing of the deed of sale, your real estate agent will organize a final visit to your future home with swimming pool in Collioure. This is to check that the property as a whole has been maintained and presents the same condition as when you offered to purchase. The condition of the pool will be checked again. It generally takes 2 to 3 months between the sales agreement and the authentic instrument: a sufficient period of time for the occurrence of a failure or a leak in the installation. Obviously, all the elements appearing on the possible movable list (including those related to the swimming pool) must be present. The real estate agent proceeds to read the water and electricity meters: the figures will be used to transfer contracts. Once this is done, all you have to do is go to your notaire to sign the deed and receive the keys to your new home. purchase of a house with swimming pool in Collioure . The steps to acquire your house with swimming pool in Collioure include some specific precautions. Specializing in this type of transaction, your real estate agent will be able to assist you. A real estate reference in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the Côte Vermeille agency offers you complete and personalized support towards beautiful swimming days on the heights of Collioure!

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