Collioure property in French Catalonia

Collioure property in French Catalonia

13 December 2021
Collioure property ... Collioure property is a great choice..Why buy a house or an apartment in Collioure France Apartments and houses for sale in Collioure never stay on the market for long. How can the attraction of this fishing town on the Côte Vermeille, situated barely half an hour south of Perpignan be explained?

Collioure property: look at the pearl of the Mediterranean first

Generally, those looking for an apartment for sale in Collioure and Collioure property, don't choose the commune at random. Rightfully known as the 'pearl of the Mediterranean', Collioure has remained famous in the collective imagination as the city of painters par excellence : the biggest names in Fauvism, starting with Henri Matisse and André Derain frequented the town from the start of the 20th century onwards. These artists were irresistibly drawn by the stunning effect of the sunlight and colors of the Côte Vermeille and by the traditional pale-fronted houses. From one hour to the next, the physiognomy of the various monuments around the town can change entirely, whether it is the Château Royal, where the kings of Majorca used to live or the belltower of the Notre-Dame-des-Anges church. As well as the rich local heritage, buying a house in Collioure as a secondary residence or simply as a holiday home, allows you to immerse yourself instantly in the ambience of a 1950s village. Strolling through the little streets between traditional houses, year-round inhabitants and visitors can listed to music played by the Catalan bandas, admire artists' workshops or taste delicious local wines on shaded terraces. A town which seduces French and foreign buyers Sale of apartments in Collioure 66190 has not been affected by the economic crisis. The very strong character of the little fishing town has seduced an ever increasing number of buyers from all walks of life. Individuals from Paris and other major French towns (Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, etc.) arrive every year with a view to buying a uniquely charming second property, far from the inevitable hustle and bustle of the busier spa towns on the Mediterranean. But the well-preserved retro atmosphere of the common attracts people from far beyond France's borders: the leading estate agency in Collioure, Paradise Collioure International Real Estate , regularly works with American, British and Scandinavian clients searching for a certain lifestyle. A crossing of the ways Buying a house or an apartment in Collioure and any Collioure property,sets the lucky buyer immediately in the heart of a central and well-placed geographical sector. The departmental road 914, from the north, leads directly to Perpignan in less than half an hour. To the south, the sinuous road follows the sumptuous Côte Vermeille and the Cerbère-Banyuls nature reserve and drivers can reach the Spanish border in fifty minutes. By train, the TER Languedoc-Roussillon runs from Narbonne in one direction to Port-Bou in the south.

The charm of old buildings in the Old Town

What do you prefer, a high-class apartment in an historical building or a pretty renovated fisherman's house? If you want to invest in older property, all new arrivals at Collioure have to make a choice between the 'La Ville' quarter, which surrounds the Notre-Dame-des-Anges church, and 'Faubourg', which corresponds to the former poorer quarters of the Avall fishing port. La Ville, which is more animated and noisy, remains marked by the military history of the town and its numerous barracks and prisons which have been renovated into homes. Several houses for sale in Collioure are thus characterized by very abrupt military stairs at their front doors, with almost vertical handrails. Le Faubourg is a dream destination for those wanting to find a picturesque fisherman's house close to the port. However, be careful, because the choice of older properties in Collioure comes at a price: properties situated in the heart of the village with modern amenities such as parking places and terraces, are extremely rare! … Or modern comfort in the upper village Several potential buyers for Collioure property, particularly when they are looking for villas for sale in Collioure 66190 , decide to move away from the center of the village to escape into the surrounding hills, and enjoy all modern comforts. Within only ten or twenty minutes on foot from the historical center, the price of property drops considerably and the property market becomes more modern: individual villas and houses with larger surface areas and often with large gardens, garages and even terraces with stunning views over the Mediterranean. By heeding the advice of a good local estate agent , it is finally possible to benefit from the sale of building plots in Collioure to build a designer house and create one's own little corner of paradise. Timeless and magical, Collioure continues to kindle passions in the property market. Whether it is for buying or selling an apartment, house or plot of land on the Côte Vermeille, the expertise of an estate agent could be crucial. houses for sale in collioure france, apartments for sale in collioure , buy a property in Collioure, blog published by Chris Community Manager at Paradise International Real Estate Collioure, France. French version available : Maisons en vente Collioure 66, Appartements à Vendre sur Collioure 66190 sur notre Blog Immobilier

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