Houses for sale in Collioure, the best tips

Houses for sale in Collioure, the best tips

13 December 2021
Seduced by the idea of ​​houses for sale Collioure (66190)? We understand you! This small Catalan fishing port offers a framework and an exceptional lifestyle. Collioure is a palette of colors: the immutable blue of the sky, the turquoise shade of the Mediterranean, the ochres of the facades and the brown variations of the Pyrenean rock. If you dream of being part of the picture, the real estate agency of Collioure "Paradise International Real Estate" welcomes you to realize your project as soon as possible and in the best conditions. Then go with us for a search of houses for sale in Collioure, at corner of a small medieval alley, perched on a rocky peak on the heights of the old town facing the vineyards Catalan, nestled in a private residence with swimming pool there will always be a property that for you will be the house of your dreams Collioure, pearl of the Mediterranean, the dream properties in France Located 26 km from the Spanish border, Collioure is not only the jewel of the Côte Vermeille but also one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. Built at the end of a narrow valley, in front of a small bay unique in the world, the fishing village of Collioure has preserved a superb authenticity and the soul of the small traditional villages of the south of France. Its heart of city, surrounded by ramparts, is made of narrow streets that overhang beautiful facades and colorful flowers most often. Collioure opens onto a pretty harbor overlooked by the royal castle and beautiful pebble beaches. The mildness of its climate, its more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the proximity of the Pyrenees and Spain make it a particularly popular destination. Many people are looking to rent or buy an apartment, a village house or a villa to live in the heart of the magic of the city of Painters, this city of light that since ancient times attracts by its charm, its location and its unique atmosphere . Still today when you walk in the alleys of the district of Faubourg or Mouré you can only fall in love with this timeless atmosphere ... houses for sale Collioure: a wide variety of styles Collioure displays a density typical of medieval cities, with houses ranging from two to four storeys, tight against each other and leaning on winding streets. Old buildings built on existing rocks to constitute a work without limit in time, some of these houses of sinners go back to the fifth century and they are still standing. A habitat that allows to take full advantage of the charm of the village and the sea. animation of the streets. It is necessary to move away a bit, especially to the beaches, to find a newer housing offering some beautiful nineteenth century bourgeois homes. On the heights and in the hinterland, villas, farmhouses and exceptional properties offer a life between sea and mountains particularly pleasant. The choice in houses for sale Collioure depends primarily on the budget you want to spend and the choice to live in the old village 2 steps from the sea, shops, galleries, painters, bars, restaurants, or, choose 3-line neighborhoods or prices per m² of property are more accessible. Discover an interesting article on our blog that explains why more and more customers are choosing to buy their home on our beautiful village of sinners and painters. An expert agency in homes and properties for sale in Collioure Located at 36 bis of Democracy Street, Paradise Collioure International Real Estate invites you to discover the properties available for sale in Collioure and its surroundings. Known and appreciated around the world, Collioure attracts both in France and abroad. A craze that makes the local real estate market particularly complex. Strong of our implantation, we are over the years imposed like the real estate reference of Collioure and its region. In a small market, our excellent reputation allows us to offer you all the business of the moment. The local owners give us a great deal of confidence to help them with their sales or rental project. Our secret? A precise evaluation and a professional accompaniment at each step of the transaction. If you want a home always in the stone watch but closer to 100 m² living space you will have to get closer to the sum of 300 00 €. If your dream is to have a terrace or the sea view, then the prices will fly off very quickly. Listed newer villas from the 60s to 2000s will always find lock to his key, from 300,000 € until no limit ...... Good to know: Come to Collioure By the A9 motorway, exit at Perpignan-Sud (exit 42) then follow the direction Elne to Argelès-sur-Mer and take the road to the Corniche. Located on the Narbonne-Portbou line, the Collioure station is served by Intercity and TER. TGV Barcelonne / Perpignan in 40 minutes then TER to Collioure station. By Air: Perpignan Airport 36 minutes, Barcelona 1h45, Girona 50 min, Montpelier 1h45, Toulouse 2h15 A real estate project cannot be improvised and even less in a market as small as that of Collioure. Whether you are renting, buying or selling a house in Collioure, Paradise Immobilier, the real estate agency N ° 1 Côte Vermeille offers concrete solutions and a unique and recognized expertise. The assurance of being able to put your suitcases at home in the most beautiful harbor in Roussillon! So this house in Collioure darling? when is it bought? Find more about houses and property for sale in collioure on our dedicater web site  

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