Real estate valuation, advice from a pro?

Real estate valuation, advice from a pro?

13 December 2021
real estate valuation: Do you have a sales project? To materialize quickly, it is imperative to make a good estimate of your property, whether it is a villa, a house or an apartment. An assessment that requires objectivity and expertise : two crucial points that require the use of a real estate professional.

The importance of a good property valuation

Selling quickly and well presupposes entering the market at the right price from the start, based on a serious estimate. The attractiveness of the novelty will indeed attract the attention of buyers in your sector, and it would be very damaging to dampen their interest with a prohibitive price. It is therefore a question of precisely determining the right price, no more and no less. The estimate is at the heart of your sales project, it must be realistic and demonstrable to potential buyers. A final capital point, knowing that buyers quickly forge a good knowledge of prices thanks to the web and the easy comparison of products available on the market.

property valuation: Lack of objectivity and ignorance of the market

Owner of your property, you have improved, decorated, even built it, and you may have grown up in it. You have forged a more or less strong emotional bond with it, which alters your objectivity. A very general state of mind among owners of real estate who, without real objectivity, can sometimes not set a price accurately. Calling on a professional is first and foremost the assurance of an impartial valuation of your property. Aware of the state of the market in your area and without any particular emotional ties with the property to be appraised, the real estate agent will be able to provide you with a realistic estimate of its market value. Nothing worse, in fact, than to base your selling price on that of the neighbor or on the opinion of the family! By going alone, your neighbor has most certainly overvalued his property, while emotional ties undermine any objectivity. A pro estimate changes everything: by allowing you to approach the market at the right price, it gives you every chance to sell quickly and well.

Valuation of real estate: a difficult art

Valuation is a complicated art that combines analysis of the characteristics of the property, its state of presentation, its services, its precise location in terms of exposure, view, atmosphere and access to amenities. This analysis is then gauged against the state of the market, so-called competing offers in the sector and equivalent sales actually made. The database of an agency referencing the local market, it is essential to determine the right price. An estimated range of plus or minus 5% that must be respected at the time of marketing. All real estate agents know it, the sale is decided at the time of the estimate: its accuracy conditions the whole process that leads to the authentic deed, passing through interest, visit, offer, negotiation and compromise.

The premium, long-term effects: property valuation

The first 30 days of marketing are therefore essential: the novelty attracts attention and you have to take advantage of it! An overpriced property will very logically be systematically set aside by buyers anxious to approach a transaction on a realistic basis. A loss of opportunities which can even put the sales project in a vicious circle. The property is seen and reviewed, but not being sold, there is a real suspicion of it: buyers getting used to seeing it for sale end up thinking that it has a hidden defect, even after a drop. attractive price. Real estate agents are thus frequently called to the rescue after several months or even 2 or 3 years of unsuccessful marketing from person to person. In Cote Vermeille Agencies and Paradise International Real Estate Real Estate Agencies, we know that selling a property is a lifelong project and that it deserves the involvement of a transaction advisor dedicated to its success. A professional valuation of a property, which is moreover free, will put this project on the right track. A fair price for a quick sale!

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