Real estate agent: 6 reasons to be in an agency

Real estate agent: 6 reasons to be in an agency

13 December 2021
real estate agent new article : You've decided to sell your house or apartment? An important project that deserves professional support. Pushing the door of a real estate agency gives you every chance to make it happen as soon as possible. With Agences de la Cote Vermeille and Paradise International Real Estate, discover 6 good reasons to entrust a sales mandate to an expert.

1. Approach the market at the right price with a real estate agent

Your house or apartment is one of your most valuable possessions, and as a seller you rightfully want to get the most out of it. But sometimes this natural feeling can make you lose the objectivity necessary to properly assess the market value of your property. The marketing price of a property is complex to establish, as it is dictated by market conditions, characteristics and state of presentation. To determine it accurately, it requires knowledge that only a professional can master. Thanks to the latter, you approach the market at the right price.

2. Value your property correctly

In a highly competitive market where you're not the only one selling, it's best to know how to add value to your property to stand out from the crowd. A touch of home staging, well-framed photos at the right time of the day and a precise description are the essential ingredients for a quality advertisement. Professional know-how to add value to your house or apartment apartment to attract buyers and sell quickly and successfully.

3. Seduce within the acquirers file

At the heart of its business, the buyers' file is carefully managed by the real estate agency . An agency with a storefront and renowned as the local reference in real estate has a database of acquirers that is all the more extensive. Immediately after being appointed, the agency will propose your property to buyers in its file looking for a product with equivalent characteristics. Another chance for you to sell.

4. Maximum dissemination and sorting of contacts: real estate agent

Beyond his file, a real estate agent has many physical and digital distribution channels for your ad: windows, flyers, magazines, agency sites, specialized sites and real estate portals. Thanks to your agent, your property is visible everywhere. You benefit from an unrivaled broadcast width for an individual. To be seen to be sold!

5. Well-conducted visits

Organizing and conducting visits cannot be improvised. You may be working and it will be difficult for you to always be free to welcome visitors. The visit itself requires a very particular know-how. Between exhaustive explanations and the magic of silence, you have to know how to balance the word. Because it is his job, the real estate agent masters this difficult art of valuing without overdoing it.

6. End-to-end support

The legal and fiscal environment for real estate sales is sometimes complex. From carrying out technical diagnoses to preparing the transaction file for the attention of a notary for drafting a sales agreement and then the authentic deed, the real estate agent accompanies you step by step. With his technical knowledge and experience, the real estate agent will be able to relieve you of a stressful task and build a complete file in record time. Aware of this state of affairs, more and more French sellers are calling on a real estate agent. They are now 6 out of 10 to realize their project via a real estate brand, and this recognition of the know-how of the profession continues to increase!

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