Investing in Collioure: the latest real estate market news
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Investing in Collioure: the latest real estate market news

13 December 2021

Investing in Collioure: the latest real estate market news

Tourist pearl of the Côte Vermeille, Collioure (Pyrénées-Orientales) is also a real estate El Dorado. It is an ideal destination for a winning real estate investment: a quality real estate portfolio, still reasonable prices and a strong rental demand feed a good rental profitability. Real estate reference, our local real estate agency in Collioure Paradise Immobilier, today brings you an overview of the Collioure real estate market and its latest news!

Property prices in Collioure

According to the reference website, the average price per m² in spring 2021 is €3,828 for a buying an apartment in Collioure and 4,453 € for a house in Collioure . As for all coastal municipalities, the price remains directly linked to the geographical location in relation to the sea. They nevertheless remain at a very reasonable level for a major tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast! These stable prices since 2016 do not show any sign of an increase for the time being. An investor will find in Collioure small surfaces (studio and one-room apartment) optimized for seasonal rental at less than 100,000 €.

The rent payable in Collioure

In Collioure, rental demand is strong . The fame of the small Catalan port attracts many French and foreign visitors. The exceptionally sunny climate of the region makes it easy to rent a large part of the year. The small apartments in Collioure (2 beds for a studio and 4 beds for a studio cabin) rent from 400 to 1,000 € per week depending on their location in relation to the beach and their services. Well managed, that is to say by a quality local intermediary, this type of investment can achieve very good levels of profitability.

The offer in the old

Villa of art and history, Collioure has a lot to offer in the old. If fishermen's houses and apartments with terraces are rare and necessarily more expensive to buy, apartments in town houses or residences constitute the bulk of the offer in Collioure. In proportion to other less prestigious destinations, the real estate offer for sale nevertheless remains relatively small. Investors will be advised to be accompanied by a local real estate agent who will be able to open the doors to this often confidential market.

New programs in Collioure

Necessarily limited by the need to preserve the quality of the landscapes, new programs are not totally non-existent. There is still time to book a one-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment (60 to 80 m²) to be delivered in 2022. However, count from € 312,000 to € 473,000 to become the owner of one of these little gems to the latest standards. Quiet area, sea or mountain view facing the vineyard and quiet close to the city center!

The post-COVID-19 outlook

All specialists agree that the mass tourism that prevailed in the world until then should be reoriented towards a more natural, more authentic and safer form. Proximity to destinations should be a key factor in this change. At the exact opposite of the concrete seaside resorts, Collioure is already part of this reasoned tourism, respectful of the natural and historical heritage and secure. Investing in Collioure now means getting ahead of an inevitable change in the travel and holiday sector!

Real estate and containment

The third confinement started on April 3, 2021 does not call into question the professional support of your investment project. Unfortunately, visits to property are only authorized for the purchase of a primary residence. Your real estate agent can however offer you a virtual visit while waiting to receive you on site in Collioure. Take advantage of this special period to methodically prepare your investment and make it right from the deconfinement! Collioure offers all the advantages of a profitable real estate investment. Managed conscientiously by a local agency, your property can prove to be very profitable given the attractiveness of the city linked to its historical heritage, its landscapes, its climate, its art of living and its artistic and cultural influence! Do not hesitate any longer, contact your real estate agent in Collioure who will be able to guide you towards the products which correspond to you.

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