New or old housing in Collioure: what to choose?
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New or old housing in Collioure: what to choose?

13 December 2021
Collioure is a true pearl of the Mediterranean. This city, between sea and mountain, is animated by a typical Catalan art of living. You dream of investing in a new or old house in Collioure, but hesitate on the most advantageous option ? Here are our tips to help you make your choice.

What are the advantages of old accommodation in Collioure?

The charm of an old house

If you succumb to the great look of old stones, you will more easily find your happiness by acquiring an old property . Options abound in the peaceful town of Collioure, home to 67% apartments and 33% houses. Fishermen's houses, villas with swimming pool, luxury apartments in Collioure, residences… All have a unique style, an aesthetic bias and a particular character to offer.

The proximity to the city center of Collioure

The older the house or apartment, the more they tend to be in the city center. Owners in Collioure are therefore privileged in terms of quality of life and access to property. If you want immediate access to the heart of the city, to all local shops and small sunny streets, you will need a considerable budget.

A cheaper market than on the Côte d'Azur

Real estate in Collioure has a higher selling price in the town center than on the outskirts. Prices per m² vary from € 3,000 to € 10,000, while in the seaside resort of Saint-Tropez, they start at € 5,000 per m².

What are the disadvantages of old housing in Collioure ?

The scarcity of old real estate

In Collioure, it becomes difficult to find old accommodation, because most of the houses are already occupied or rented. In addition, the requirements and criteria entered by the buyer make the search longer and the property of your dreams rare.

Work voted by the co-ownership: an additional budget to be expected

The charm of the old has its drawbacks: repair of the roof or the facade, renovation of the common areas are often to be expected. These expensive fees are added to the condominium fees, often higher than in new real estate.

What are the advantages of new real estate projects in Colliourec?

A high level of comfort and quality of life

If the comfort and the quality of the equipment are essential for you, opt for a new real estate program in Collioure . Balcony, lift, parking, large bay windows, will often be among the services offered.

Turnkey housing with new real estate in Collioure

If you are not very handy or if you want to limit your work budget, prefer new real estate programs . You will avoid tedious projects such as repairing the roof or renovating woodwork and moldings. By investing in new apartments, you will benefit from various coverages in the event of poor workmanship, including the ten-year guarantee, which protects you for 10 years.

Optimized technical and environmental standards

By investing in new real estate, you avoid energy waste, reduce your electricity bills and help preserve the environment, thanks to recent thermal regulations!

What are the disadvantages of investing in new housing in Collioure?

Imagine the rendering of your new home on a plan

By opting for a new real estate project in Collioure , you are tailor-made in relation to pre-existing plans and awaken your creative talent! However, it will be difficult to have a precise picture of the housing before it materializes.

A variable lead time

The waiting time can be long, from 12 to 18 months. When buying off-plan housing, whether it's a single house or a new apartment, you have to plan for a fairly long delivery time. If you are looking to settle quickly into your new home or have any requirements regarding your move, it is important to take this time into consideration.

A price per square meter higher than the old one

By investing in new real estate, you will pay more per square meter than in the old one. By comparing the prices for a new apartment in the Pyrénées-Orientales region, the square meter is around € 3,620 compared to € 1,590 * in the old one. To buy a house in the area, it will cost 2,200 € per square meter in the new building against 1,690 € * in the old one. To go further and find the property that suits you, contact our specialists in the Pyrenees-Orientales real estate market, from the Côte Vermeille agency. Responsive and experienced, they will guide you to make the best choice! *

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