Our advice to attract a clientele in winter in Collioure
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Our advice to attract a clientele in winter in Collioure

13 December 2021
What attracts the clientele in winter in Collioure is of course the sea and the sun. But it is also much more than that! City of art and history, the small Catalan port has a lot to offer all year round. These are a decor, an atmosphere and an intense artistic and cultural life that you must know how to put forward to seduce customers in winter in Collioure: an adapted communication will make your seasonal rental profitable at most!

1. A price and seasonal conditions

Attractive all year round, Collioure's real estate market is not as busy in winter as it is in summer. As a knowledgeable owner, you need to adapt your prices and rental conditions to capture your share of winter customers. This requires a reduction in your prices in the proportion practiced by your competitors. Don't break the price! You would risk giving rise to doubts about the quality of your offer and you would not make the most of its potential! Rental period and day of entry and exit must be left to the choice of the tenant.

2. A season announcement

As we do not dress in summer as in winter, your communication must adapt to the season! Play the card of winter romance: the photograph of a lit fireplace (when your rental has one), a deserted beach under the winter sun, streets illuminated with Christmas decorations and a text highlighting the cozy atmosphere and the comfort equipment of your rental will help you capture the attention of vacationers looking for a pleasant destination.

3. Collioure's cultural agenda

Collioure is animated all year long. Whether it's the atmosphere of its streets and squares, or its cultural agenda, you never get bored. A flagship city of Fauvism and painting in general, Collioure is home to many art galleries. Invite your potential tenants to dream of exhibition after exhibition during their stay! Make your case and update your marketing communication with the city's agenda. A cultural or traditional event could in itself motivate a longer or shorter rental in the heart of winter! To the cultural agenda of the city of Collioure, do not hesitate to add that of the department of Pyrénées-Orientales. Your rental can very well serve as a winter resort for those who wish to take advantage of their stay in order to browse them!

4. The natural and cultural heritage

Nestled in a small bay on the Côte Vermeille, Collioure is a pearl in a beautiful setting! Between sea and mountains, nature is generous to those who know how to discover it. If Collioure is spoiled by its geography, it is no less so by its history. The port, the royal castle, the Notre-Dame-des-Anges church, the Saint-Vincent chapel, the pier, the mill or the Saint-Elme fort are unmissable. This is the opportunity for a temporal journey as a couple, with family or with friends. More broadly, the Côte Vermeille and the Massif des Albères offer a multitude of remarkable sites and exceptional hiking trails. Tell your potential clients that you provide them with all the guides they need to make their stay a success. Some ideas to provide you with:
  • The brochures of thetourist office of Collioure;
  • The Languedoc-Roussillon green guide Michelin;
  • Le Fauvism e, by Cécile Debray;
  • Collioure. Its origins, its past, its role in the history of Roussillon, General J. Caloni;
  • Hiking map n ° 11: Collioure, Cadaquès, Massif des Albères & Côte Vermeille, at Rando Éditions.
The right marketing communication always makes the difference. As always, "time is money": in other words, the time spent on your ad will inevitably result in more bookings. A winter communication to be disseminated as widely as possible, of course!

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