Overview of the real estate market in Collioure
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Overview of the real estate market in Collioure

13 December 2021
A popular destination for its authenticity, its environment, its sun, its art of living and its love of the Arts, Collioure lends itself to all real estate projects . Small pied-à-terre, vacation home, main residence or rental investment, the market real estate in Collioure offers a wide range of solutions. It is nevertheless a complex market that deserves a quick overview!

Real estate market figures in Collioure

In terms of real estate, it is never useless to recall a few figures allowing the analysis of the local market to be framed. In Collioure, according to INSEE, 70% of the town's 4,496 housing units are used as second homes! The real estate offer is made up of 35.5% houses and 64.4% apartments. According to the reference site for property prices in France, you can expect to pay an average price per m² of €3,801 to buy a purchase an apartment in Collioure and €4,401 for a house. These are relatively reasonable prices given the strengths of the Côte Vermeille. The m² is displayed at much higher levels in the Paris region or even in certain upscale seaside resorts on the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts!

A very complete offer…

History and geography shape urbanization, and Collioure is no exception to the rule. A small fishing port nestled between the sea and the mountains, the heart of the city has retained its medieval authenticity. Throughout the 20th century, the surrounding hills were enriched with houses, villas and residences intended to welcome new inhabitants and vacationers attracted by the quality of life on offer. The potential buyer in Collioure has a wide choice and can go to: • a house or apartment in a typical cobbled street of the village; - a fishermen's house on the quayside; • an apartment or a house in residence; • a small classic villa; • or a prestigious property with exceptional services on the heights!

… But rare!

The reputation of Collioure in France and abroad feeds real estate demand. The need to preserve the architectural and landscape heritage of the town limits the possibilities in terms of construction. While reasonable, the supply is nonetheless limited and good products do not stay on sale for very long. The city's real estate market is almost confidential. It is easy to understand that the number of fishermen's houses is limited or that houses with terraces in the heart of town are very rare!

The solution: the local real estate agent!

High demand and scarce supply, the complexity of the Collioure real estate market doesn't mean your project is impossible. The realization of the latter will be all the faster when you are well supported, that is to say by an expert in this local market. Located at 36 rue de la Démocratie in Collioure, your transaction advisor from the Paradise agency opens the doors of the town to you. He is a precious guide, passionate about his profession and his city, who will know how to analyze your expectations and guide you to the properties most suited to your desires. When it comes to real estate, Collioure has to be earned! More than a question of price, patience and method are the keys to the success of your acquisition!

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