Pinel Law: Becoming an owner in the Pyrénées-Orientales? Think of Pinel!

Pinel Law: Becoming an owner in the Pyrénées-Orientales? Think of Pinel!

13 December 2021
Today, thanks to the Pinel law and tax exemption, real estate is a safe and profitable investment. In the Pyrénées-Orientales, several programs open to Pinel offer the opportunity to build up real estate assets at a lower cost. The ideal way to increase your income, reduce your taxes and eventually have an apartment in the sun for your old age.

Pinel: a win-win scheme

Faced with the difficulties in meeting demand, the low-rental housing stock is the subject of all the attention of the State. This is to attract a part of the national savings towards new HLM programs, and to promote the emergence of a quality private park meeting the latest standards in force. The Pinel law: in return for a commitment to remain in the rental for a minimum period, at a determined rent, and in compliance with a ceiling of tenants' resources, the landlord is granted a reduction in his tax on Income. A win-win system that links the investor and the State for the benefit of society and national cohesion.

Pinel Law in detail: the conditions

The Pinel device is applicable to the 3 zones declared as tense (Zones A, A bis and B1). Each eligible zone corresponds to a method of calculating the rent and a ceiling of the tenant's resources defined by law. For the investor, the Pinel makes it possible to acquire housing at the maximum price of € 300,000 and to benefit from a tax reduction calculated on the price of the latter, and proportional to the duration of the commitment to remain for the rental. : - 12% or 36,000 € maximum for 6 years of engagement; - 18% or € 54,000 maximum for 9 years of engagement; - 21% or 63,000 € maximum for 12 years of engagement. The tax allowance granted, applied to income tax, is spread over the duration of the commitment and may not exceed € 5,500 per year. An allowance that allows all the same to completely tax exemption for many taxpayers!

Where to invest under the Pinel law

In the Pyrénées-Orientales, in Saint Cyprien, Perpignan, Canet, Argelès-sur-Mer or Villeneuve de la Raho, high quality residences are eligible for Pinel. Here is the opportunity to be able to acquire a new apartment, to BBC 2005 or RT 2012 standards, and to be able to possibly rent it to one's parents or children. Because yes, with the Pinel device you can rent to your relatives as long as they are not attached to your tax household! In any case, the combination of tax relief and rental income makes this acquisition particularly interesting on the Côte Vermeille or in its hinterland. At the end of the period of your commitment to stay in the rental, you will be able to have, for yourself, a pied-à-terre for a holiday in the sun or a beautiful apartment for your old age.

Why invest in Pinel?

There are many reasons to be seduced by the device. Le Pinel is the opportunity to: - Benefit from a tax deduction. - Build up real estate assets, a profitable and profitable long-term investment perfect for preparing for retirement or financing other projects. - Increase its income thanks to the rents collected. - To be able to accommodate a member of his family at a lower cost. - Acquire new housing, well insulated and therefore energy efficient.
What if you bought an apartment in Pinel? You opt for an apartment of 63 m² in Saint-Cyprien in the Pinel B1 zone at a price of € 200,000. You decide to commit to remaining on the rental property under the conditions provided for by law for 12 years. - Your total tax benefit is € 42,000. - During the first 9 years, you will benefit from a reduction in your income tax of € 4,000 then € 2,000 for the last 3 years. - Without forgetting that you will receive a rent of 639.45 € per month (surface of the accommodation x 10.15 €) from the couple renting the apartment, whose annual income does not exceed 40,826 €.
As you can see, the Pinel system offers you a real opportunity to become an owner in one of the most beautiful departments in France. By contacting Les Agences de la Cote Vermeille or the Immobilière Paradise agency, you can be sure of receiving expert, comprehensive support for a quality purchase and optimum tax exemption.

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