Real estate credit: find the best rate to sell and buy in the department 66
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Real estate credit: find the best rate to sell and buy in the department 66

13 December 2021


The financial study, an essential prerequisite

Any well-run real estate project begins with a precise assessment of the budget allocable to the operation. A financing which passes most often by the installation of a credit. Approaching your research with a financial study saves you precious time and avoids many disappointments! With the knowledge of your expectations and your budget, your advisor from the Paradise Collioure International Real Estate Agency guides you towards the properties that really suit you!

A credit specialist at your side

For many of us, taking out a real estate credit or a loan to buy or renovate a house is complicated: sometimes even a real obstacle course! Difficult to meet your banker at times that suit you. An answer that is slow, and the good deal that you had spotted passes you under your nose! Are we really offering you the most suitable solution? A friend of yours has negotiated a more attractive rate or the Internet gives you access to more competitive rates. But does a lower rate always mean cheaper credit? Let's face it, you are a little lost in the banking jargon and the complexity of the contracts offered! The PARADISE group of real estate agencies offers you a real mortgage loan coach who will be there to help you and guide you in your new project! With its experience, Paradise Collioure International Real Estate provides you with this unique service thanks to its financial partners. True real estate loan professionals, our partners will offer you a quick, clear and appropriate solution. As one of our English customers said recently, "when you need a kilo of apples, you don't go to your mechanic ..."!

All types of credits just a click away!

You have a project  ? No need to move, with just one click, entrust your request to a coach and let yourself be guided:
  • Credit Purchase Resale: go from one house to another in the blink of an eye, without bridging credit, it allows you to finance the entire project, including "notary" fees, repayment of current mortgage and consumer loans, and even the moving costs.
  • Mortgage Credit: transform the value of your property into cash and make your new projects a reality: a chalet in the mountains or a residence abroad with terms of up to 40 years. A non-real estate project: a new car, a well-deserved world tour, your children's studies, with durations of up to 20 years.
  • Credit inheritance , separation (to keep a good which one holds in spite of the unforeseen events of the life).
  • Senior credit (benefit from insurance until your 85 years old…).
  • Work credit (you want a swimming pool, the comfort of air conditioning, you want to expand).
  • New housing loan , without interim interest (you have found your land and want to build it, you are buying a new program).
  • Government guaranteed loans, investor rental credit (in fine), special first purchase credit, consumer credit, grouping of credits, etc.
  • Purchase of foreign currency, you often need to make purchases in a foreign currency, convert your US dollars ($) or pounds sterling (£), buy or sell a home abroad. Entrust this mission to our Currency brokers and earn a max on the exchange rate.
  • Zero interest loan or PTZour specialists will study your eligibility for this specific product.

Thanks to our coaches, you now have a friend in the world of credit, wherever you are, anywhere in France. Find our real estates for sale in Collioure our houses for sale in Argelès-sur-Mer, our villas for sale in Banyuls sur mer or apartments for sale in Port-Vendres, all of our real estate can be financed with a loan… Don't hesitate, we are here to make credit and real estate easier for you!

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