The 7 Home Staging Tips to Sell Quickly!
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The 7 Home Staging Tips to Sell Quickly!

13 December 2021
Is your house or apartment for sale and at the moment it is not really appealing to visitors? A few simple jobs can change everything! A little storage, refreshment and a decorative touch to show buyers that they just have to put down their furniture to feel good. The 7 home staging tips to enhance your property and sell quickly!

Tip # 1: empty and store your personal belongings

Have you accumulated more or less personal furniture and objects? Sort out and put away all the superfluous! A good way to anticipate your future move, to regain the legibility of surfaces and to depersonalize your rooms. The potential buyer must be able to appreciate the potential of each room and be able to project himself.

Tip # 2: refresh your surfaces to optimize brightness

Are your walls and ceilings dull or damaged? A little paint is in order. Choose light colors like white, clay, gray or beige. Your rooms gain in brightness and are able to please the greatest number.

Tip # 3: make all the small repairs

Over the years have small repairs and unfulfilled small finishes accumulated? So many points that the buyer will raise. At best he will use them to negotiate the sale price at worst he will judge their existence prohibitive! Making your sale a good price is well worth a few hours of repair.

Advice n ° 4: optimize space, a Home Staging advice to take into account

You have your own conception of the use of space, and that's okay. However, the latter may not be unanimous. Go simple and respect the function of each part. The distribution of space should not be confusing in the mind of the visitor. It is indeed difficult to see the potential of a room when it serves as a cellar or laundry room!

Tip n ° 5: take care of your garden, the big plus of your home

Seducing is often the first impression. As such, you cannot afford to leave your garden abandoned. The trimmed hedges, the pruned trees, the weeded paths and the cleaned terraces must strike by their sharpness and invite to the contemplation. An auspicious preamble before exploring the interior.

Tip 6: pay attention to the facade and shutters to sell your house

Do not reserve your little pampering just for the interior surfaces of your home! A clean facade and repainted shutters change everything when it comes to printing. A facelift that signals good maintenance and reassures visitors.

Tip # 7: clean and keep clean, rule # 1 to make a good impression

It goes without saying that both the inside and the outside must be perfectly cleaned! A clean house or apartment is the minimum to offer your visitors. Because you must be able to accommodate an impromptu visit, be careful to maintain this impeccable state of cleanliness! These 7 Home Staging Tips will certainly result in a few hours of work. An effort that always pays off when it comes to the attractiveness of your house or apartment. A neat state of presentation seduces as much as it reassures. A prerequisite for any purchase offer!

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