You sell ? 10 good reasons to push the door of a real estate agency

You sell ? 10 good reasons to push the door of a real estate agency

13 December 2021
You want to sell a property and you are wondering: should you go it alone or seek the help of a real estate agency? Do not ask yourself the question anymore! Everything pleads in favor of the involvement of a real estate professional. The proof ? The ten good reasons that will lead you to push the door of a real estate agency!

1. An estimate at the right price

Will you be able to estimate your house correctly? The real estate appraisal is sometimes very technical and requires total objectivity. The real estate agent brings you his perfect knowledge of the local market and having no emotional connection with your house or your apartment, he is able to provide you with a fair estimate. You are therefore approaching the market on a realistic basis.

2. Benefit from advice on presentation

Accustomed to presenting goods, the real estate agent will be able to provide you with some simple advice to make the most of yours. The sharp eye of the professional will be able to immediately detect the perfectible points: a small repair, a light refreshment or a little home staging often make all the difference.

3. Establishment of the technical diagnostics file

Often neglected by many sellers, the technical diagnostics file is nevertheless essential to reassure the potential buyer. In conjunction with a certified diagnostician, the real estate agent will not only have it established, but also present and comment on it at each visit.

4. Have a top notch ad

Writing a real estate ad and taking a rewarding shot is not for everyone. Trained at this crucial stage of marketing, the real estate agent will know how to value your property in a few lines while respecting the legal requirements in terms of customer information. Beautiful photos or even a full video will arouse the curiosity of visitors.

5. Effective marketing of your property

Because it is its core business, a real estate agency implements an optimal marketing of your property. Physical storefronts, Internet sites and portals, flyers and catalogs, your house or apartment is visible everywhere. An incomparable marketing strike force for an individual.

6. The selection of buyers

By its ability to discover the expectations of its buyers and to confirm their motivation and their financial capacity, the real estate agent only organizes visits likely to make your sale a reality. In fact, you avoid the parade of curious people who come to you “to get an idea” without having a real project.

7. Well-organized tours

Accustomed to presenting and valuing real estate , the real estate agent leads the visit with precision and efficiency. He knows how to answer technical questions, find a solution to any objections raised and avoid doing too much! In fact, victims of their affection for a house they have built or an apartment that they have completely renovated, many sellers err by excess of enthusiasm. Without realizing it, the owner scares off potential buyers. When visiting, the balance between speech and silence is subtle and capital: a matter of the pro!

8. High availability

By appointing a real estate agent near your house or apartment apartment for sale you can be sure that he or she will be available to respond to all requests for visits. By giving him your keys, your property can be visited despite your absences or your distance. By not missing any opportunity to present your property, you maximize the chances of a crush and therefore of realization.

9. The art of negotiation

Most real estate sales today result in negotiation. Accustomed to this subtle exercise, the real estate agent often manages to find common ground between the two parties. Many salespeople miss out on a sale that has been acquired: negotiation is an art that cannot be improvised.

10. Help with administrative formalities

Whether it is about drafting the pre-contract of sale (promise of sale or compromise of sale) or providing the notaries with the documents necessary for the authentic deed, the real estate agent operates in a framework that he masters to perfection. . By his action, he relieves the seller of many tedious administrative formalities, sometimes complicated and always a source of stress! Its permanent legal watch also allows it to do things in compliance with the laws in force. By going through an agency such as the Côte Vermeille agency or the agency paradise , you are putting all the chances on your side to get things done quickly and well. In most cases, you save time and money. Indeed, by selling more quickly, you avoid the commercial wear and tear of the property which is always detrimental to its market value.

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