How to successfully estimate your property in Collioure?
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How to successfully estimate your property in Collioure?

13 December 2021
The splendors of the Côte Vermeille, which stretches between Perpignan and the Spanish border, attract far beyond the only inhabitants of the region, and help to create a real real estate microclimate. How, in these conditions, to proceed to a precise and realistic estimation of a property in Collioure?

Collioure : a real estate market with unique characteristics

With less than 2,500 inhabitants year round, Collioure offers a peaceful living environment and mild temperatures throughout the winter. The town suddenly comes alive with the approach of high season with the arrival of many visitors, who are discovering the small city with the soul of an artist for the first time, or have fallen in love with it in the past to the point of acquiring , often at a high price, a vacation pied-à-terre. 61% * of colliourencs real estate are second homes, occupied part of the year or rented in high season. This particularity implies a very strong tension on the market and a permanent competition between the buyers, who tend to inflate the value of the square meter. The difference in valuation is perceptible district by district, or even street by street. Le Mouré, renowned for its charming alleys filled with fragrant flowers, remains at the top of the list of buyers' preferences and selling prices. However, other popular areas such as Pla de las Fourques, Ambeille, Taillefer, Soulane, Port d'Avall or Val Saint-Elme each have their own specificities, which must absolutely be known and understood in order to make a detailed estimate and just the value of a good.

An astonishing range of prices per square meter

Depending on the intrinsic quality of the property and its location, real estate prices in Collioure can vary considerably, from €2,000 to €9,000 per square meter**. Such a large amplitude is a relatively rare phenomenon in the region, or even elsewhere in France.

An often misleading displayed price

One of the methods favored by owners, when they wish to assess their property themselves, is quite simply to consult the advertisements for the sale of properties with similar or similar characteristics. However, this strategy can turn out to be not very profitable, and in particular runs the risk of a rather significant overestimation. Remember that the price displayed in the window of the agencies, in Collioure, and on the rest of the Côte Vermeille, does not necessarily correspond to the final price negotiated between the buyer and the seller, which is then formalized by the drafting of a sales agreement, then by signing an authentic deed at the notary. By setting a price from the start that matches the real market value of your property, you will increase the chances of finding a buyer very quickly.

Listed price and negotiated price: watch out for surprises!

In Collioure, the difference between the “official” price in the window and the final negotiated price can be particularly noticeable. In the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this negotiation margin thus amounted in 2018 to 6.2% of the value of the property for a house, and 4.5% for an apartment ***.

Why call upon a real estate agency in Collioure ?

Appreciated for its small streets and squares with a strong personality, as well as for its color mosaics and for its unique panoramas, Collioure truly requires a case-by-case approach to determine the exact value of a property. Whether it is a village house, a charming villa, an apartment or any other type of property, hundreds of criteria can come into play, including for example:
  • The proximity of food shops;
  • The higher or lower level of noise pollution;
  • The distance from the beach and the dike;
  • The view on the sea or on the interior of the village.
The real estate appraisal work in Collioure therefore supposes a very detailed knowledge of local particularities, and careful monitoring of the ups and downs of the local market. So many skills that can hardly be improvised in the context of a sale from person to person, and should encourage you to turn to a real estate agent well established in his territory. Are you looking for a reliable property valuation in Collioure or the surrounding area? Do not hesitate to carry out a first free evaluation on the Internet, then to request the displacement of a real estate agent on the spot. Sources: * ** *** -se-article-25148.html

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