Our advice for a successful real estate investment in Collioure
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Our advice for a successful real estate investment in Collioure

13 December 2021
Magnificent and unspoiled nature, historical heritage, culture and art of living, Collioure seduces in France and abroad. This small Catalan fishing port is today a flagship destination in Occitania. A region which ranks third among the most visited regions in mainland France. The Pyrénées-Orientales alone attract more than 8 million French and foreign tourists each year. A tourist attraction beneficial to investors in the rental market, especially seasonal. Real estate reference in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the Paradise agency in Collioure gives you some keys to make your investment in Collioure a success.

Define your investor profile

What is your budget ? Are you near or far from Collioure? Would you like to use your property as a base for part of the year or not? Are you considering a tax exemption? The answers to these questions determine your investor profile and, thereby, the general orientation of your real estate investment project. A specific job to be done with your banker and a real estate advisor who is an expert in the local market. This preliminary definition of your profile confers credibility and saves time. You will be able to approach the real estate market of Collioure by targeting very precisely the type of property tailored to meet your expectations, especially in terms of profitability!

Annual or seasonal rental?

In Collioure, the price per m² is € 3,755 for an apartment and € 4,120 for a house. For annual rental, the rent is between 9 and 12 € per m². In season, the night for a T2 costs between 110 and 130 €. At this price, seasonal rental is particularly attractive while offering you the possibility of occupying the accommodation concerned for part of the year. However, you will remember that seasonal rental requires very restrictive rental management in terms of marketing and management of entries and exits. Seasonal rentals are obviously aimed at the many summer visitors who wish to stay in Collioure or, at a more reasonable price, seasonal workers in the city and its surroundings.

The type of product

Fisherman's house, townhouse, apartment in the historic center or in residence, detached house or luxury villa: everything is possible in Collioure , it's just a question of budget! To simplify, as with any seaside town, the price, but also the rental attractiveness of the property, are partly determined by the distance separating it from the beaches. Your investment capacity and your previous choices will automatically direct you to the corresponding products.

Professional support

On site, a real estate agent will take into account all of your criteria to direct you to the corresponding opportunities. As an expert in the local market, he will be able to present you with apartments in the heart of Collioure. apartments in the heart of Collioure or houses by the sea in Collioure at the right price! A key point which determines the profitability of the operation!

Proximity management

When it comes to rentals, nothing beats professional management! Proximity, availability and know-how limit the rental shortfall, a pet peeve of investors, and greatly facilitate routine maintenance. A management solution that costs 5 to 9% of the amount of the rent depending on the scope of the services provided and the guarantees chosen. A particularly useful expense which contributes very concretely to the profitability of your investment while guaranteeing you total peace of mind as an owner. As everywhere else, the success of a real estate investment in Collioure requires method and expertise. A clear roadmap and knowledgeable advisors: 5 keys to open the doors to a winning investment in Collioure!

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