Let yourself be tempted by a property in Collioure
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Let yourself be tempted by a property in Collioure

13 December 2021
Collioure real estate: All those who have had the chance to visit Collioure in the Catalan region, keep an unforgettable memory. 26 km from the Spanish border, this small Mediterranean port offers a living environment and an extraordinary atmosphere. It must be said that this fishing village has managed to preserve an authenticity that places it out of time. Such simplicity that little by little you will be won over by the desire to acquire a property in Collioure . Crazy idea, you say to yourself? Not that much !

Collioure real estate: A popular and affordable destination

Between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, the attractiveness of this town on the Côte Vermeille is at the height of its fame. Of course, real estate prices in Collioure are affected and are higher than in most municipalities in France or even in the Pyrénées-Orientales. But when we compare the prices per m² in Collioure with that of more or less equivalent destinations, the jewel of the Côte Vermeille does not have to be ashamed, quite the contrary. At around €4,000/m² for apartments and €3,500/m² for houses, prices in Collioure, for example, are 2 to 3 times lower than in Saint-Tropez. Cheaper and certainly more authentic, Collioure also offers a level of sunshine unmatched by the Atlantic seaside resorts. With almost 300 days of sunshine a year, the Catalan Eldorado is the place to be if you want to buy your house or apartment. Specialized in Collioure real estate, the Paradise agency will help you and guide you in your search. Go to the website to find your happiness.

Collioure real estate: a varied offer

If the fishermen's cottages on the quays of Collioure are anything to go by, there's plenty to dream about! Fortunately, given their scarcity, they are not the only attractive type of property in the commune. The houses in the historic center and their apartments offer authenticity and a Mediterranean atmosphere. The local shops, the friendliness of the inhabitants and the frequent cultural events contribute to their attractiveness. On the outskirts, nestled in the pine forests, residences and villas offer a living environment between hill and sea, just a few minutes from the city center. A diversity of products that gives access to the property in Collioure to all types of budgets! Small apartments are commonly negotiated under 130.000€ while the first villas are displayed at less than 330.000€. If you live in a large French metropolis, go to the window of the real estate agency on the corner and you will easily notice that the quality of life in Collioure is more affordable than many products in your city If you are interested in the real estate Collioure, in the price of the m² on the village, in the quality and the diversity of the apartments for sale or the houses to be bought on the sector.

How to buy in Collioure? real estate Collioure good deals

With its 13.2 km², the commune of Collioure offers a number of properties for sale that is all the more limited as we live there well and the turnover of owners is low. A necessarily complicated market which requires patience and know-how. After having assessed your budget, you are strongly advised to contact a real estate agent for whom Collioure has no secrets. He will be able to take your criteria into account and assist you in quickly making your acquisition project a reality. Because only an agent who has won the trust of local owners will be able to open the doors to the opportunities of the moment. Someone who knows the town like the back of his hand will be able to find apartments and houses that meet your expectations and guide you to the neighborhood or the street that will house your future address. An irreplaceable guide to give you new life in the Catalan sun! When it comes to real estate, Collioure is a beautiful lady who deserves it! To conquer it supposes a little patience, humility and an effective intermediary like our real estate agency in Collioure Paradise International Real Estate to make the introductions. But rest assured, the Catalan temperament is such that you will be adopted very quickly and that you will experience a story in Collioure like nowhere else.

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